Take 'lists' to Drs or not??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by patchwork, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. patchwork

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    What does anyone think about taking lists,copies of test results etc to the Drs?? Do you think it will help to get the message across and jog my memory, or do you think most Drs will just label you as neurotic,hypochondriac etc etc ?? I always come away from appointments having forgotton to say half of the things I.d wanted to. Sometimes the most important facts!!!
  2. phenom

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    hey there! i ALWAYS take lists to doctors because i have such a horrible memory. i almost always take another person too, to remind me to look at the list! haha!

    if you feel like you're going to be labelled, when you get in there mention that you always forget what you were going to say so you wrote it down. i'm sure they won't mind. often at the end of the visit, my doc takes my list and includes it in my file - which is good because i take better notes than her!

  3. kredca4

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    I make it up at home, and then I reread it at the Dr's office to make sure I didn't forget something. (Usually do)
    It keeps me on track, and that speeds the appointment along so I can Flirt with the Dr., just kidding.

    I also put a brief summary of what days I felt Really Bad, and what my Main Symptom was. I also make note of how effective my Meds were, during the Bad times.

    I have the Gals in the office make a copy for me, no printer right now, so I have to use my Electric typewritter.
    That way they have a Summary on my Health, in my Own Words, that they can put into my Records.

    If you have a Good Dr. he will appericate you nmaking a list, it'll help, and if he's familiar with FMS, the he knows that we have Cogenitive problems, so the list would make sense .

    Good luck,
  4. Bambi

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    and I try to put it in catagories with lines inbetween. I list the bad
    days and my attempts to correct them
    with hot baths, ice, heat pad, stretching etc and meds and tell results. Then I put the line followed by good days and any things I think may have helped those days. Then line
    again and any questions I have. I list the meds and how much I take and when at the bottom and I always end
    with a thank you for his continued
    caring and compassion with my pain management.He always puts it in my file. I do also mention how I meticulously stick to our contract even when the pain is so severe I would "like" to take an additional pill but don't, and that I understand his need for my cooperation and pain reports. Yep, I kiss up a little but he appreciates it and if he ever did have to go to the Board or anything he has my appreciation and compliance on record. Hugs, Bambi