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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by spacee, May 8, 2004.

  1. spacee

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    Just read this in a Dr. Ryser article in the library.

    She says you can take it morning or evening. But do take it in the evening if it makes you sick.

    Hope that helps some of you.

    I had a odd two weeks of nausea after taking the TF for 10 months. I could tell it was definitely the TF.

    I finally got my Jan. labs yesterday. There was absolutely NO CHANGE. They could have just copied the labs from a year ago. The EBV shows it is just as active as ever.

    That is pretty disappointing.

  2. Johnniebear

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    That has to be pretty discouraging. Do you feel any better?

    I wonder if we're heading down a false hope pipe line?
  3. mommysisland

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    That is SO disappointing! All this trouble and no difference! I take the TF you use is supposed to fight EBV?

    Maybe the EBV levels go in waves and you hit a low with the first, and this time a high? I hope it is something like that. As strong as TF seems it has to be doing something?!

    Hugs to you,

  4. CelticLadee

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    Thank you for letting us know about the TF at night is ok.
    I seem to do okay in the morning but will keep it in mind if I have trouble in the future.

    Oh dear... that is so disappointing about your EBV lab results. But over and over I have heard not to take too much stock in lab tests. (Go by how you feel. Lab tests can be misleading so take it with a grain of salt.) If you consistently over time have this reading you might wonder though. I would.

    Sometimes I get nausea from the TF too. It is at random times but it is after I take the TF and definitely associated with it. I also get nausea during my monthly but I'm sure it has to do with hormone shifts. I drink a lot of tea to get through my times of nausea.

    My hubby was just asking me the other day about TF. So far all the supplements I have taken seem to lose their effectiveness after awhile. It is like my system learns to adapt to it and it no longer works as effectively. He was wondering if it is possible for our system to do the same with TF and not really benefit from it very much. What do you think about this? I know all the literature says if you stop your health may return to pre-TF use. But do you think pulsing it would be beneficial or not? With some supplements it tends to shake things up again.

    Are you going to continue with your present TF program?
    I am going to stay on ImmuneCare 64 for 9 months and if I don't have a substantial improvement by then I may give it up and try another way. I felt better the first couple weeks I was on TF than I do now but I will give it a fair trial. It has been discouraging for us though. We had hopes that at 3 months I would be feeling better than I am ... but not quite there yet... May 19th will be 3 months for me. sigh.


  5. Plantscaper

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    Tests are sometimes not reliable..I would go more by how you feel, not what they say...On the other hand, if you are feeling worse, that is another story..I have found, recently, that if I stop the TF, I get much worse, fatigue-wise on that day. Have either of you experienced that little phenomenon?

    I have, also, wondered about them sending our TF through the mail without any cooling method, when it HAS TO BE REFRIGERATED, after opening.


  6. spacee

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    Thanks for your sympathy on my tests. I just got a chance to look it up on the net and it said that 20% of healthy people will show a positive EBV. So I will ignore the tests. Thanks for telling me that though... We have great minds here!

    I am just feeling wonderful. I have just added NAC to my supplements. Also, I haven't had any b-12 injections in a year so I started a new B-12 that Prohealth has Meuro B12 Methylcobalamin 5 mg sublingual...in an extremely delicious grape flavor. These have been like the icing on the cake.

    Being sick with CFS for 17 years, I am still realizing how far I was from normal. I am getting better and better and yet there is still a long way to go. I guess what I am talking about is regaining the muscle strength that was lost on the long years. It just takes time.

    I don't feel that I personally "get used to the TF". I don't take it on Sundays because I usually forget it. Mondays do feel like there is a slight extra boost.

    I have wondered about the lapse in refrigeration too. I know that when I traveled and didn't have access to a refrigerator, the contents hardened in the capsule. They also didn't want to dissolve as easily but the TF seemed to work fine. I visited with two different sets of relatives and both said "we kept expecting you to crash but you never did...you ARE doing better!". Part of the trip involved walking the streets of Boston, doing the art museum and the Freedom Trail and North Town. I never would have been able to do that a year ago.

    So, Hugs to all you fellow TF Warriors...thanks for posting.



    ANNXYZ New Member

    a different transfer factor from a different lab? I am on Immune care 64 from Immunity Today.

    Also , I got rid of EBV using valtrex at high doses for a long time . This is a protocol of infectious disease Dr Martin Lerner in Detroit ( do a search on google) who also recovered from chronic reactivating EBV . Like Sujay , Dr Lerner was so ill with EBV that he had to quit working for a while .I began to notice feeling a little better ( I finally quit being confined to bed )after 3 mos of HIGH doses of valtrex. I had NO side effects from valtrex.
  8. spacee

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    I have an appt. with my doc in June and I'll ask about it.

    Even though I am doing a lot more, my lymph nodes get swollen with the exercise. So something is going on...

    Thanks for your help!

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Spacee,

    I'm back from my trip and am going to start the TF 200 again. Thanks for the tip about taking it at night.

    I'm still bloated and retaining fluid with the Heparin injections. I do feel that I am a little less fatigued but don't know whether it's the Heparin or because I'm recovering from the effects of the flu I had last winter.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Plantscaper

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    How long did it take for your energy levels to start picking up in relation to taking TF? 2 months? 3 months? I am trying to build up my exercise levels, but still will collapse after much heavy activity..been gardening, low impact exercise and strength training, lately.

    Thanks for any feedback,
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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And it did not make me feel sick at all today. I have a slight headache which comes with TF or a viral reactivation, but I do not feel as though I have the flu like I did before. Thanks again for the tip!

    Love, Mikie
  12. spacee

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    I bumped my first post for you to read my intial responses.

    I think that I vastly underestimated how debilitated I had become after 18 years of being sick. I do remember that when I went from two to three laps of walking I had to stop and eat something. Same for lap 3 to 4. I only had to do it one time...then I could walk without eat...go figure.

    My new thing is drinking Gatorade at 10:30 am. 16oz of Gatorade and 8 oz of water. And I do the same at 4:30 pm
    It isn't the Gookinade that Dr. Cheney recommends but it does seem to be a part of the puzzle for me.

    I was at my mother's this week and spent 3 days helping her prune her azeleas. I worked 2-3 hours a day, spaced apart and a Wendy's for lunch because I seemed to need some major protein. The heat was usually what sent us inside and I always took a 2 1'2 hour nap. But on the 3rd day I felt just as strong as the first. Gardening seems like such a great exercise for us. I live in Florida and I just can't take the heat to do it at home.

    I now think that realistically it will take two more years of gradually increased exercise to approach "normal"...if that is even possible to attain.

    Hope this helps....

  13. Plantscaper

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    Hi Spacee,

    I lost my first message..keep getting disconnected from the internet, today...Is the Isoptin really effective for rapid pulse rate? (I have had that for many years, but have not been treated for it)..I wouldn't be able to garden in the heat/humidity of Florida, either..boy, is that sweltering heat! Where does your aunt live? I love azaleas, just bought one, myself..I beat hers are really pretty!

    Well, this week I really overdid it (see message on mother's hospitalization), but next week I am going to try a more gradual, but increasing buildup, including Windsor Pilates, plus my strength training and gardening.

    Thanks for the help,
  14. spacee

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    I sure do hope that your mother is doing better. That is terribly stressfull to have her in the hospital.

    My rapid heartbeat was really bad. It caused me to not have enough energy to eat...odd. So when I would tell the doc I couldn't eat...she didn't think "heart", she thought "anxiety". Once I got the "anxiety" diagnosis, it followed me from doc to doc until I weighed 108 lbs. It was terrible. But the Infectious Disease doc (of all people) figured it out. I have taken it for about 18 years.

    You might try an electrolyte drink (gatorade or whatever). I stopped having muscle cramps from exercising when I started drinking it (16oz of gatorade followed by 8oz of water about 30 mintues later). I drink it at 10:30 am and 4:30 pm because my stomach is pretty empty them...so it can be absorbed rapidly.

    It was my 83 year old mother I was helping with her azeleas...yep, she is a workhourse. She has been working on her yead for 54 years. It is so pretty for those couple of weeks of the "season" that cars will go by, stop and turn back for a second look. She lives in Birmingham, Ala

    Glad I can be of help.

  15. Plantscaper

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    I am, originally, from Huntsville, Alabama..and my Mom is about two years younger than yours, and was quite active until she came down with Rhuematoid Arthritis/Vasculitis/Peripheral Neuropathy, and now, she is having complications from those diseases, which sends her to the hospital..She is bedridden, too, which has been very bad for a once very vivacious person.

    The Azaleas really grow and bloom, well, in the South. Sounds like your mom is quite the gardener..a healthy hobby.

    Have a great day,
  16. spacee

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    I lived in Huntsville the first 2 months of marriage. Your mom sounds alot like mine. Mine has no pain at all and no chronic sickeness. Once a couple of years ago she had a mild procedure and had to be off her feet for two weeks...she could hardly stand it. I know it is very hard on your mom.

    I once had a counselor tell me that I was lucky to lose my health at 36 years of age. That I wouldn't have to go through the adjustment of losing my health at an old age.
    Was he crazy or what!