Take your magnesium for your heart etc... today!

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    My son, 20, just got done with a 4 month protocol of pulses for babesia (and lyme still), he was also taking a lot of artemesinin along with the abx...

    He had some weird symptoms that seemed to be heart-related, Tuesday he was doing hyperbaric oxygen treatment but had to stop after only 15 minutes as he felt sort of a 'shock'-like reaction... never had this happen before. He saw our local doctor, his EKG was off, so he was sent for a stress test today plus echocardiogram, the whole works.

    Well, we had read a long time ago lyme likes magnesium so he was taking extra supplementation on top of his multi and mineral supplements... also the artemesinin can reduce red blood cells.

    For some reason & unknown to us he'd stopped the mag. about a month ago as he figured he was getting enough from the 2.

    Long story short: he took some Tuesday night, was feeling better within a few hours, has been feeling better and better...

    And the stress test, echo, repeat EKGs (2!) today, all showed absolutely nothing, not even what Tuesday's EKG showed!

    SOOOO remember your magnesium is my message for today!!!!

    (--and yes, actually he's taking a lot more supplements than those, btw - everything we've read that can help in fact. Townsend Journal had an article in 2005 on Lyme, free online to read, I highly recommend it)

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    Artemisinin kills babesia, Steven Buhner in his book about herbal protocol for Lyme and co-infections, and others, have written about it. It helped to back up the Mepron he was taking -

    Babesia (babs) is really a protozoan kind of critter, similar to malaria, that targets the brain, also causes sweats, which is why mepron is used - also used for malaria. Very $$$, is called 'liquid gold' by those who take it, as it looks rather like dark-gold to boot!

    Knowing that many/most/all never really get rid of malaria, and that malaria can be also symptom free for years, fits right in with the type of critter babs is..........

    From everything I've read at this point nobody really gets rid of these "stealth" infections, whether they're bacterial, viral, or protozoan, they're just beaten into submission... called "remission"...

    And everyone will always have to be careful and aware of the possibility of Lyme and co-infections causing symptoms in the most unexpected ways....... and likely have to take prophylactic abx maybe once a year on average. My son's LLMD says that; and even with the marshall protocol, that is true.

    BUT, taking a course of abx for 2 weeks/year or even 2X/year, depending on need, is a small price to pay to stay healthy, imho.

    IF things continue to progress well for my son even at this point, 2.5 years after beginning oral abx, and he has no symptoms returning or new ones becoming obvious, it's expected that he should continue pulsing abx at least 1X/month for another 2+ years.

    If he'd heard that a year ago even, I think he'd have been depressed; but at this point, he's happy a) it was caught when it was and b) there so far has been no apparent lasting damage caused and c) he can tell that he has steadily gotten better, altho some symptoms still remain.

    Wow, so I've rambled a bit... kind of summed up things as to his treatment at this point... it HAS been a long period tho! --emotionally and literally!

    all the best,

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    I can't poop without 2 capsules of mag a day. Seriously!!!! I get the ultra cheap kind.

    The Lyme Wizard said to take enough to "go" 2-3 times a day. So I do.

    Arteminisin is highly recommended by FFCs too. I was put on that when my Quest WB showed one band positive. Big herx to it.

    I'm allergic to Sulfa so I can't take Mepron. Just finished a cycle of Malarone + Zith + Art.

    My Dad caught malaria during WWII in the Guadalcanal jungles. Wonder what else? He never got rid of it and suffered with sweats periodically until he died at age 80. Says he was taking Tonic water with Quinine for it but I think he just liked Gin.

    Glad you son is feeling better Victoria. He's suffered way too much for someone so young. Your whole family has. Good thing they have a researcher like you to stay on top of things. How you manage all of those protocols I'll never know.[This Message was Edited on 12/08/2007]
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    From what I've read, quinine stopped working quite a while ago, but I don't think they had anything else really for quite a while... and not even now. I met someone about 15 years ago that got malaria in Nepal while on an adventure, but he couldn't 'cure' it, would still get it periodically, and he was only in his 30s then. He was quite bitter about it, I guess he didn't know he was taking a chance before deciding to go.

    I always did like the flavor of tonic (plus especially combined with gin) myself; what a great excuse they all had!

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    about magnesium and the heart:


  6. victoria

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    no, he was not doing hyperbaric/HBOT at the time at all, and hadn't for a good while...

    It truly was the only difference we could figure out... symptoms had occurrred and continued over the weeks that he had dropped the extra mag.

    Amazing how important some things can be, is all I can say! While he gets a LOT thru his separate multi-vitamin/mineral vitamins plus a separate mineral supplement, that little bit extra mag turned out to be extremely important!

    I'll have to look at the bottles to add up the amount he takes tho.

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    Hi, just curious what form your son was taking before he had stopped?

  8. victoria

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    He was and still is taking magnesium, in several forms:

    Magnesium oxide
    magnesium amino acid chelate
    magnesium glycinate
    magnesium citrate
    some of these are combined together, he has altogether 4 different tytes of capsules that have the varying forms (ie, multivitamin, muultimineral and 2 different types of magnesium supplements).

    He is getting about 1+ gram total of magnesium/day, I believe, on average. I'm not sure how much he varies it one way or the other, altho in general with supplements he tries to also pulse those as many alternative health people feel vitamins etc should be taken 3 out of 4 weeks or so. Altho he finds he can't go a whole week, so instead just takes a day off every couple of weeks.

    BTW, someone suggested on other board to get liver enzymes checked regularly, which is likely a good idea... this he does anyway since he is still pulsing abx regularly. Happily so far he's never shown up with anything 'off'.

    all the best,

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    Hi Victoria,
    I am very sorry for what your son has had to go though. May God give both of you the strength you need.

    I agree about how important Mg is to our health. I've read that within 48 hrs. of contracting Borrelia, over 1/3 of our Mg stores have been eliminated in urine! Borrelia does not like Mg, since it has an enzyme called PFK that interferes with it's reproduction.

    However, some LLMD's forbid patients to take Mg, saying that Borrelia uses Mg to cloak itself in a biofilm so ABX can't see it. I have no idea who is right. I only know that neither my heart nor my bowel can function without a lot of Mg. I take 800 mgs. daily of Mg citrate. I believe if I had known to take Mg long ago, I would not have 3 leaking heart valves now.

    The reason I am posting is to tell you that the lab tests you need if on high dose Mg is not liver function, but kidney function. It is the kidneys that can suffer from high dose Mg, but unless kidney disease is present, doses under 1,200 mgs. daily are OK. Nobody with confirmed kidney disease should take any Mg supps. at all unless their doctor says it is OK.

  10. victoria

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    I think he gets both done actually... he does have a diligent LLMD thankfully... but will have to double check as now I can't really remember.

    How are you doing these days????