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  1. ValleyGirl89

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    Hey Takesha,
    I have missed you on the board lately. I'm sure others have missed you as well. You mean alot to this board and all the people here. Just wondering how you and Michael are doing? Have you started school yet and if so, how is it going for you? Just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing!
  2. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    I am doing fine, just busy now that school has started. I have two computer classes which take alot of time to learn. Plus I now am using my new computer and it's taking a little time to lean how it works. All the icons are differnt etc. Michael has been home for four days now. He is not feeling well, I am also on a new medication starting last night, and it's taking some getting used to. Other than that all is well. I have been popping in here and there to check things out. Thank you for asking. I may not be as visible for a little while but I am still around. Hugs to you...your a sweetie.
  3. mamashome

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    I've missed you too! ! ! ! ! ! Sounds like you are REALLY busy! Keep the good work up, and i am still praying for your husband, i sure hope he gets feeling better soon. Good Night. hugs, mama
  4. ValleyGirl89

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    I certainly can understand that you are so busy. Just wanted you to know that you are thought of and missed!! I am so sorry that Michael is not feeling well. I will continue to pray for the both of you. Good luck to you in school, but I know that you will do fine.