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  1. FMsolider

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    I am curious as to how many of us have ever gone to the ER for a bad flare up....whether you had a diagnose or not and how was your experience?
  2. Jgavi

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    Well I havent but my friend has MANY times and gets treated like dirt....

    She says they only give her a shot of some pain killer that makes her pain free for 12 hours.

    They never give her any pills, they tell her to go to her doctor for pain pills
    She hates going to the ER room because she says she has to wait so long and the treatment is bad!

    Have you gone?

  3. FMsolider

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    I have not gone to the ER before for fibro. Basicly, have heard horror stories....I am having doctor trouble...that is why I ask. There are many times that I have contemplated going because the pain and exhaustion is so severe.
  4. smiffy79

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    a and e is for emergencys only. i know it sounds harsh but our condition is not an emergency. i know it sometimes feels like it but it is not life threatening and so does not need the atention of a and e staff.
  5. Crispangel66

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    I went a few times to e.r. for pain and all they do is give me Ativan, and some other pain meds shot and send me home. They never do any testing to see if they can find out for sure if it is fibro or something else. It's like they just want to shut you up and get you out of there. So now I go to my dr's office and if they are closed I will suffer until they reopen. I don't like the humiliation I feel when I go to the e.r.
  6. 1sweetie

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    I have never considered that. Years ago I went when I had a severe migraine that would not go away. The doctor sent me. I was treated like a druggie. They explained that so many people make up reasons to get meds that they have trouble trusting anyone seeking narcotics. Also they should not dispense tablets.

    The emergency room is for emergencies and unless it is pain from an unusual situation that can not wait for a doctor's visit, an emergency room should not be used. That is not the purpose of an emergency room.

    That duties belong to your doctor. If the doctor feels that you need an injection for pain in lieu of pills, they call or give you a note to take to the hospital. Still expect to wait and to get "the Look".
  7. IntuneJune

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    ER visits 03/26/06 09:39 AM

    I have just been through an ER visit Thrusday night.

    Have been battling sinusitis since 2/28. Two types of antibiotics, one after the other (not at the same time) were tried. I initially started to feel better on the first, then flew to Ohio and began to "get sick" again when I returned, (was gone four days.)

    OK, now my sympotms felt like exaggerated FMS symptoms, since we feel so much of the time we have the flu. Now was this a flare or is it something else?

    Was out of work a week, the doctor changed the antibiotics at this time. Started to feel better as far as the flu symptoms were concerned. Went back to work Monday, worked Tuesday, Wednesday is a day off from the "job", Wednesday night the "flu" feelings worsened....fibro flare???? something else???? Thursday morning felt better, went to work and literally went down the tube. Chills, feverish, severe muscle aches and pains....left work, went home, took my temperature, 101. Called the doctor, he sent me to the ER.

    I have recommended on this board, NEVER, when being triaged in the ER give out the history of FMS. I was SO sick, I could not remember how old I was. Then was asked for my history....NOTHING came to mind..... my husband said nothing, standing beside me. I asked him to help me out...and FIRST THING OUT OF HIS MOUTH WAS, fibromyalgia.


    The ER doc, who I will say was very nice, did the cursory exam and work up, blood work, urine, then said there was noting they could do for me in the ER.

    I told him (as I did the triage nurse and my nurse) my doctor TOLD me to have ER call him.

    We waited some time before he did return the call, however, he told the ER doc to run the influenza screen. He knew me better, HE went the extra step. It did come back positive for Influenza A. And yes, I did get the flu shot.

    So many of us run low normal temperatures that we can actually be running a fever greater than what it would appear.

    As much pain as a flare bestows upon us, and it is just NOT fair, I agree with Smiffy, the ER is not the place for us.

    Our big problem is when is a "flare" really not an FMS flare.

    Fondly, June

  8. violarose1

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    ouch- your husband oh dear, as a suffer of seizures my heart goes out to him ((()))))

    in my first year of having bad bad bad bad shall i say bad again : ) cfs , the pain was so bad, that yes i did go to er, but i dont remember if the pain wawas from having seizure headaches or whatever but i sooo needed relief. i was treated nice i think
  9. mamaeagle0103

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    In 2004 (before DX) I had to call for an ambulance for myself because my body was slowly but surely becoming very rigid. I was real lucky to have gotten to the phone in time because by the time the EMTs got to my house, my body was completely locked into the fetal position with my hand fused to the phone. My 3 yr old son and 1 yr old daughter were standing over me in shock. The EMTs had to literally pull me out into a laying position and pry the phone from my hand. Let me tell you I was scared. I had been diligently trying to fight my chronic fatige, body aches, and everything else I now know are a byproduct of my lovely FMS and CMP. I was at the gym and pushed myself too far. Well, my body spoke up alright and the "Tetany" happened. I got laughed at for being a mother of 2 young kids and trying to do too much and needed to slow down, was told it was a stress attack but no body could or would ever tell me anything more. They pumped me up with a bunch of benzo's to relieve the muscles from spasm and sent me home. I have also been in for bowel obstructions, acute pelvic infections and chronic sinus and ear infections. I despise going and now that I have had sinus and pelvic surgeries to take care of the chronic underlying illnesses I certainly do not plan on going back any time soon. I am very tired of being laughed at by the smart "Doctors". There intelligence is why it took me 15 years to find out what was and is wrong with me. I do apologize. Not all doctors are that way. There are some very good doctors out there. Just not many with open minds. If they can't see it in one of their "tests" then it does not exist. Just venting. Very tired today and feeling guilty for it.
  10. Cromwell

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    My friend who had FM and also was heavy and had a broken leg kept going to the ER for pain. They treated her badly the more she went.

    They all kept just giving her more and more scrips, and I think that contributed to her sudden death aged 46. She should have stuck with one doctor as they were just piling on more meds.

    So although I may be scared I would not go to ER unless I thought I was at risk of soemthing really serious.

    Anne C
  11. JLH

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    No, I have never gone to the ER for a flare, and probably never will.

    The wait time in our ER's is so long, that I would be more comfortable at home treating myself!!

    The only time that I have gone to the ER in the last decade has been for urgent heart problems.

  12. Sheila1366

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    And it was a long horrible ordeal.Next time I will call dr. before I go,if I ever go to the er again.I don't think there is much compassion for people like us that suffer with severe pain.Not in the er's.But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when the pain is beyond beign able to cope.I just hate it so much that we all hurt so much that we even have to go to the er.

    I have to agree about not going to the er for fm pain. I have been in the er with my daughters(1 has hydrocephalus and seizures and the other was in severe pain from endometriosis).Both girls were not treated as well as they should have been.

    The ones that got attention were the ones screaming from a toe hurting or something like that.

    My husband is a firefighter and has had to drive EMS into the er before.He says that alot of the calls are repeat patients. And this will make you sick, but some of the patients call ems just to get out of the awful care they are recieving in a nursing home.Beleive me that happens.So sad but true.

    Due to those that abuse the er people like us get treated like drug addicts.

    There are times I think that going to the er would help, atleast a shot of morphine would do.But due to the overwhelming volume of non emergency patients in the er I just try to stay away.

    But like one of the posts here, it pays to listen to you gut feeling.Don't let them blow you off as just another pain med. junky when you know that this is something other than fm.Chest pain should NEVER be taken lightly.

    It pays to listen to your instinct.

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  13. FMsolider

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    Great advice Sheila - thankyou!
  14. Hope4Sofia

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    I have gone to the ER maybe 7 - 10 times over the past 15 yrs. I didn't know I had Fibro though.

    I went when I was in a bad flare of face pain (I now believe to be occipital nerve headaches). The pain would just get to intense and unlivable I would beg them for mercy. They rarely complied. They would tell me it was a migrain and send me home.

    The last time I went was during my preg. It was the worst episode I've ever had. I went to two ERs in 3 days. The pain was unrelenting. The second ER made me sit in the waiting room for 5 1/2 hours! When they finally saw me my WBC count was so high they admitted me. I was in the hosp for 5 days. They put me on IV abx, anti-emetics, and pain killers. It was the only time I've ever found relief during an episode.

    Now that I know what I have and where the face pain comes from I will get trigger point shots to stop an episode before it goes out of control.

    The rest of my pain is defeating and life-altering but not as intense and terrifying as those headaches.

  15. Yes I went once with horrible chest pain, they thought I was having a heart attack. Once I mentioned I had firbo, they looked at me and the dr. said "oh so you have fibro" and I got the look. Afterwards I pretty much was ignored and placed in a room for hrs. until I went home. They did absolutely nothing for me, but refer me to my dr.
  16. yuckie

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    When I first got sick I went to the ER several times. I was in excrutiating pain and had no idea what it was. I couldn't believe anyone could be in that much pain and not find something causing it. Since I've been diagnosed and learned how to treat my pain, I haven't been back.
  17. damz68

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    no I have never gone to ER for flare. The way I look at it is if the rhumy cant do anything for us than the ER definatly cant.
  18. babygirl44

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    the only way i can survive is er my doc leavs me hanging all the time