Taking control of my own pain medication with help from the Dr

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelby319, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Top of the day to all of you~

    I haven't posted in so long now, but I do see alot of the same people I knew from before, which is comforting to me...and a huge welcome to all the newer members I see!

    Now onto my dilemma's~
    I see my pain management Dr every 4 to 5 month's....then we discuss how I'm doing and goes over all my medications and health problems....then he tell's my pcp what to write out for my prescriptions. In my state for some reason the pain management office has your pcp write your scripts for you instead of the other way around.

    I've been on Mscontin 30 mg's for almost 2 years now, and had asked if I could change back over to the Oxycontin 20 mg's I was on right after my neck fusion surgery. Which seemed to work much better than the Mscontin ever did, and I needed too much breakthrough med's to get me through the day.

    Now that I've gotten the script and I'm ready to take the Oxycontin 20 mgs 3 times a day, I have a fear of going through withdrawals from the Mscontin 30 mg's 3 times daily. Now mind you...my pcp wasn't too happy that I took this into my own hands and didn't discuss it with him in length enough! He also didn't offer any explanation's or discuss problems of withdrawals or anything...all he was willing to do was write out the script and tell me to start taking the Oxy's and he will see me again in another month or so.

    Did I just make a huge mistake of changing over my med's without thinking it over too long and do my research? I just never liked being on the Morphine as it didn't seem to work enough and I also didn't like the stigma attached to it either.....nor the fact that my pcp wanted to increase it instead of changing me over to the Oxycontin like I had asked!!!

    So, does anyone have any suggestion's as what I might have gotten myself into by changing the med's and not thinking that maybe the Oxycontin 20 mg's might not be enough of a dosage adjustment from the Mscontin 30 mg's was??/!! And will I go through withdrawals some or not?/!

    This all might seem trival to some...but I'm scared right now to even start the change over from one med to another without having some serious withdrawals or something....Mscontin seems like its too powerful of a drug to go off of that fast doesn't it? Help!lol!
    Hugs, and have a sparkling day to all,
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    Nothing is trivial when dealing with these drugs.. I was on MS Contin for 9 months and took a drug called Subutex to get off it with no withdrawals.

    I always thought MS Contin and Oxycontin were practically the same drug.

    The first thing you need to do is discuss this with your pharmacist. They are the only ones who really know about these drugs and the effects. With pain meds it is always "trial and error" and if this does not work for any reason, I do not see why you can't go back to the doctor and try something else.

    I have been with a pain doctor for over 5 years and for one thing, he sees you once a month - end of discussion.

    Secondly, he is so compassionate and willing to tweak your meds if they are not working. With some people it takes alot of trying. My mom also saw this same doctor for severe degenerative disc disease and back pain.

    The one thing I liked was he treated her with many drugs, not just one. She did very well. It seemed he would not try to make just one pain med do all the work.

    At one time my mom was on the following:

    Duragesic Patches
    Darvocette for breakthrough pain
    Soma for muscle pain
    Low dose Prednisone

    There were more I can't remember now. My point is, it seemed by combining lower doses of more drugs, the pain was controlled better.

    I doubt you will have withdrawals going from MS Contin to Oxycontin. Call the pharmacist anyway to ask.

    If you were just stopping MS Contin and not starting the Oxycontin, I would suggest you take the Subutex which does prevent withdrawals. But you are just changing over.

    You may not have any problem at all. If you do, you need to ask your pharmacist what you should be doing, then tell the doctor what he said. Doctors talk to pharmacists all the time to get information, so should you.
  3. dragon06

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    The way pain medications have been explained to is this...if you change the type of narcotic but have the same type of dosage then you shouldn't go through withdrawal. At least that's the way it worked with my friend's mom when they kept changing around her pain meds when she first went in for cancer treatment.

    I am not positive about this though.

    The best thing to do, since your doctor did not address it, is to call your pharmacist and explain the situation, they should be able to give you good information on the medications and if withdrawal is likely.

    If you are still concerned then call your doctor back or call the pain management doctor and talk to them.

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