Taking Control ~ Proactive, instead of inactive

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    although i am new here...i have been reading A LOT!! i love all your information, insight, compassion, understanding, acceptance, etc...

    as noted in prior thread: 23yr fm sufferer, 1 1/2yr daily chronic headache with migraines that have become dibilatating.

    please forgive spelling / grammer mistakes....memory is shot.

    these are steps i have found to help me be PROACTIVE, instead of inactive.

    *i have requested and recieved ALL medical records from as far back as childhood. those are placed safely in my home file.

    *letters to my doctors: in between visits, i write them letters....journal style. explaining the pain, the symptoms currently experiencing...everything. depression, losses, etc... because its hurts to grip a pen my penmanship has a lot to be desired. however, that is part of the pain.
    i find it is too much to remember or explain to my doctor what has been going on in the last month while sitting on that cold table. therefore, i give her my notes to view when she has time. this also aids in building a trusting doctor/patient relationship.

    *make copies. i make copies of everything and request copies from each doctor visit.

    * dimissal notice. as patients we have the right to write a dismissal notice to our doctor. it isn't being rude or saying that he/she is a bad doctor. it's simply saying we're on different pages, health care goals are not the same and i need to move on.

    * keep a list of all medications and thier side effects. a copy is also given to doctors. they need to be aware of what has or has not worked in order for them to administer proper medications.

    * research. constant research on the latest news, techniques, etc... each time a medication is perscribed...i look it up...search for the history, the side effects and possibly the hope of it aiding in recovery.

    doctors see many, many patients....there is no way they can take each individual case and do the indepth research that may be required.
    i firmly believe it is my responsibility to do whatever i can possibly do to assist the doctor with information regarding my health care.
    being proactive....it is not an easy task, but it is my responsibility.
    if the doctor i am seeing is threatend by questions, knowledge, research, etc....its time to move on.
    it is a working relationship for the number one thing....our own health care!
    thankfully, my physcian welcomes all information, questions, etc...and has thanked me for the the journal. it allows her to review my case on her time. this way we are not hurried to write down every little detail and can focus on my visit.

    * in the medical records i have received, there are many things not noted by the nurse or doctor...things they meant to say or do, but forgot due to patients waiting and time constrants(sp). ex; breast cancer is huge in our family. it was noted to send me for a mammogram, however, i was never informed.
    i cannot stress enough.....proactive, not inactive.
    we are all humans, mistakes are made..its important to catch what may slip through the cracks....it could mean the difference between being healthy or not.

    peace and well being~