taking meds away during late stage dementia

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    Hi. My father is 83 and is in the final stages of dementia. He hasn't walked for over 2 years and hasn't talked for over 5 years. He is on oxygen all the time and is also diabetic. He has had a couple of close calls when they thought he was dying as his skin was mottling, but then bounced back 2 days later. He is on "comfort" care only, started by my mom. My mom has died, and I am dad's POA and his medical proxy, I guess you call it. He has lost 9 pounds in a month as he has problems swallowing. Should I have his meds discontinued, or is the diabetes medicine considered "comfort" care? I certainly don't want to do anything unethical, but he is sufferering and I know he won't ever get better. Thanks.
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    I would think that unless your father has spelled out what he wanted, that you are under the law to just provide comfort care. Before you take any steps to do any different, by removing meds, I would strongly advise you to contact an attorney, just to protect yourself.

    I'm so sorry that you and your father are going through this. In my opinion, I personally think that putting someone out of their misery is the most humane thing to do...But, that's just my opinion, and I know it's controversial....I mean no disrespect......
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    If you were he and he were you, would you, at the prospect of a long life ending, rather be in
    Gods hands or your hands , just a thought