Taking muscle relaxers for more than 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by heddr, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. heddr

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    I take cyclobenzaprine (generic of flexoril) and have been since the end of July. My chiropractor asked if I had been taking it for more than two weeks. Is it okay to. I am under doc supervision. Are there any nasty side effects to taking it for a prolonged period of time?
  2. annverave

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    I too have taken cylobenzaprine for alot longer than 2 wks. I have read that it is commonly used for chronic pain conditions, plus it helps you sleep. You can always ask your pharmacist for long term use side effects as well as your Dr. They should know more about the drug itself plus any interactions with other meds. You should develope a good relationship with your pharmacist, they can help you alot sometimes.

    If I don't take the cyclobenzaprine I sure feel it in the am!!!!!!
  3. BxGirl

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    I would ask your doctor or pharmacist. I have been taking Norflex for a few years. I take it right before bed to calm down my muscles and help me sleep.

    I also LOVE THE BEATLES!!!! I saw Paul twice in 2003!!!!

  4. victoria

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    I would suggest you look at the info on the web that is put out by the mfr. . . I have had different warning labels show up on my regularly filled rx bottle depending on which pharmacist filled it.

    My hubby went to a sleep specialist who gave him a RX for sleep; when he asked the doctor if it would interfere with REM sleep, the doc said, "I dunno, good point,why don't you look it up on the internet, you have more time than I do." HUH?

    In my opinion, ultimately one has to double-check for one's self. . .

    sad, isn't it!

  5. Lana56

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    I have been on Flexeril for over two years.It has been so helpful.I run a pain support group and there are five of us on Flexeril for fibromyalgia and have taken it for a long time.None of our doctors have stopped it.I do not know of any long term problems though.I have heard on warning labels saying not to take it longer than two weeks,but I think if someone had muscle strain or something it would not want to take it longer as they say it won't do any more good.With a chronic condition though I have seen all our doctors keep us on it. Lana56
  6. grannygt

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    I was on flexeril for more than 2 years (when I could remember to take it), but did take something for my stomach too. It was really hard for me to get awake in the mornings after taking it at night.
  7. lillyrn

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    I do not know of any contraindications with long term use of flexeril. I know therapy should be closely monitored if taken with tricyclic antidepressants and it should be taken within 14 days of an MAO inhibitor. I take Robaxin every night. It does not make me feel groggy the next day and I do feel better rested.
  8. lillyrn

    lillyrn New Member

    Sorry I meant to say it should NOT be taken within 14 days of MAO inhibitor.
  9. Chermione

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    Interesting. I have been taking generic Flexeril for a long time. It really helps me with my pain and it's the only thing that calms my RLS and helps me get to sleep at night. I hope it's not bad for you!
  10. bamadar

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    I am so glad it seems to help most of you. All it does me for is makes me feel like in the morning I have a hangover and just can't get going. Doesn't make me sleep either. What is wrong with me? Meds just don't have the same affect on me as it does others. My doctor says he just doesn't know what to give me anymore.

    I have read that muscle relaxants should not be taken on a continual basis.