taking my son for his evaluation tomorrow............

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    Iam "finally" taking my son to his psych evaluation tomorrow!

    Many, many months ago you all helped me figure out that my middle son who is 19 has aspergers...........I work so many hours that is is hard for me to accomplish anything these days..........

    However tomorrow we finally go to get an evaluation and Iam a little aprehensive.............my ins co has referred us to a psychiatrist that specilizes in "pervassive development disorder".

    I am wondering if any of you have heard this term used for aspergers before?

    Iam so concerned we are going to get the run around.........and Iam not very familiar with all the aspects and details of aspergers.........you know I always tell my students that "knowledge is power'!

    So ..........if any of you have and helpful hints or suggestions to help me prepare I would greatly appreciate each and every one of them! I so need some "knowledge? power"!

    I also got the papers to fill out for his social security...........do any of you happen to know what I might expect as far as being accepted or rejected......if indeed the Dr does dx aspergers............

    I hear how many here struggle and fight relentlessly for social security for dd.........I would like to know if my son does have aspergers if it is going to be the same kind of battle?

    Thank you for your help!

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    i googled aspergers...and ssa...you could try it and it can give you some info...
    but from what i comprehend you are doing the right things so far...

    the psychiatrist may be a good one to talk to about it...as well....ummmm, oh, i read somewhere about if they are 18 or older may need to get legal guardianship?

    concerning the ssa stuff...

    that's the best i can do for i do not have any personal knowledge about it...

    and if he qualifies for ssi i believe he can get started on some money and medical benefits while waiting for a decesion...

    hopes this leads you in the right direction...

  3. doxygirl

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    How ya doing friend?Jodie!
    Thank you so much for looking up the information for me!

    I tried to get application papers for my son for county medical ............he is now 19 and I believe that my husbands ins will no longer cover him if he is not in school full time ( which he is not ) anyway they told me he has to be 21!!!!!!!to qualify for county medical services!

    So............... here we go with the state discriminating with the age thing....my son CANNOT work........so what is going to happen if he needs medical attention....he has NO way of paying for it!

    My husband and I are finally getting on our feet financially and for once are actually not having to stress every minute of our day to pay our bills and necessities!

    So......we certainly cannot afford it if something BIG were to go wrong medically with him! I just CANNOT work anymore than I do it is already killing me!

    I have to have him dx before I can apply for ss for him.....but since I just don't need another stress in my life Iam going to let the lawyer that helped my friend with her social security ( she has fms/cfids) help my son and I.

    I hope he can direct me as to when, where, why, and how we can get the things for my son that he needs!

    Do you know if he can get food stamps........if he is living with us the rest of his life.......because they did ask us how much we made (my husband and I ) and I was under the impression that ..........that shouldn't really matter since he is an adult that has to be cared for?

    I just hope it goes smoothly and easily so my son can get into some programs that can help him become a little more functionable.............I worry so much who will love him and help him when Iam no longer here!

    Thanks for writing to me!

  4. 69mach1

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    he could qualify for food stamps and general assistance as well as medi-cal....

    i am assuming he hasn't ever worked...i maybe wrong but he possibly can draw ssdi off from either of yours ssa...it will not affect what either of you will ever recieve in your futures...

    but i think if he is only qualified to file for ssi..i believe because that...he can automatically get general assistance money, food stamp card...and insurance...

    here is a good website here for californians:


    it has lots of info for the benefits available for us all here that are disabled...

    but i think he can get medi-cal cause he is under 21...doxy check out the web above and that should help you alot..it talks about all kinds of programs i didn't know that existed for us...

    got to go take some meds...i'll be in touch soon..

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    You asked about PDD (Pervasive Development Disorders). It's an umbrella term used for disorders that fall on the autistic spectrum. There are 5 PDD's (I think). Asperger's is one of them. Rett's is another. I forget the names of the other ones. If you do a google search it might tell you.

    Good luck today and God Bless you and your son. Keep us posted.

    Many ((((((hugs)))))
  6. 69mach1

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    how did the testing come out? i hope all is well...i did email you a little note well i guess it is now yesterday..

    i will send some more out later

    love and hugs