Taking the "BULL" by the Horns

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achingbytch, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. achingbytch

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    I made a decision to go public with FM at work and request accomodations. Altho its always been my policy that less said is better, because of gossip and vindictiveness, in my situation, with deliberate attempts to overload our small staff with work and 15 hour days the average for me, attempts to withhold overtime pay, verbal abuse etc. the only protection I feel at this point is to go on the offensive. While I could not have done this even a year ago without jeopardizing my job, we recently unionized. My employer is currently paying in full on 6 months disability with long term disability paying the next year-we have one person who comes to work for 3 months and then is out 6 and has been doing this for 6 (count'em FIVE) years and they retain him. He in his 60s and lumbers around campus with a cane when he comes in. He's pushing for full medical benefits and wont budge when its clear he should retire. I'm tired from being intimidated and having to excuse myself for taking a half day off to see the doctor!
    So here's what I'm doing: I went online and found sample letters a lawyer suggests writing that follows ADA requirements and found a sample letter that a doctor should write. I spoke to our union rep who set up a time frame where I will present my request, alone, to supervisor/VP and if no action is taken within a 'reasonable' amount of time, the union will followup. I would prefer having the union rep come in with me from the beginning, but his sense was to start nice and not make it a union issue until we have to.
    I have an appointment to see my doctor this week to get him on board and will bring a drafted letter for his signature.
    If anyone has requested accomodations at work, please give me any suggestions you think might help; I'm dealing with some nasty people-they're hostile to everyone, its their policy:)
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    Years ago I worked for a company that sounds very similiar to yours. They were really nasty to everyone and pulled some pretty shady tricks. Here's what I did:

    Buy one of those little pocket tape recorders and while you're at it, the attachment to hook up to your phone.

    Let them know that every time they talk to you you will be recording them--this is important from a legal standpoint, and make sure that you tell them EVERY TIME that you are recording them. You will get some harrassment over this, probably even from fellow employees.

    During your meeting with them, set that recorder right out in plain view and make sure that your get it on tape that you asked their permission to tape it--otherwise they will deny some of the things they've said to you.

    Take a list with you of what you want to say and a list of your demands.

    Role-play with someone at home and have them go over every possible scenerio.

    During the meeting YOU lead and set the pace--don't let them control it and railroad you. In advance have a set time frame that's set-up by your union guy and don't let them shove you out the door til YOU are done w/in this time window. You could even type up a "contract" and have them sign it on the spot.

    They might refuse the tape recording--make sure you have some good come-backs for this.

    They might "play nice" as though they are "trying to help you" just to stretch this out til you quit. Be particularly cautious if they take this stance, as they may back-stab you later.

    Good luck and keep your chin up. Keep us posted.


  3. California31

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    I'd talk to my union rep again...just because the rep accompanies you doesn't make it a "union issue"....
  4. achingbytch

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    Thank you both for your support and ideas.
    We're a small college with a new administration that has made life miserable for staff and alienated alumni.
    I'm old enough and taken enough crap (15 yrs worth)just to stay employed.
    It's the law, its legit and I'm exhausted trying to keep up according to everyone else's rules. THe worst that will happen is they'll drag their feet, they do it with everything. The only thing they seem to shy away from is negative publicity.
    Anyway, maybe they'll surprise me and actually be decent about the situation.
    I'll check out the dictionary re: FM

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