Taking Trazodone and Ambien together?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aeryn, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Aeryn

    Aeryn New Member

    Is anyone doing this? Is this safe?

    50mgs of Trazodone didn't keep me down and gave me nasty sinus congestion. BUT, I do think I had better sleep quality despite that.

    (I took 25, did nothing, so added the other half)

    Ambien keeps me down but doesn't improve my sleep quality.

    I am wondering about mixing low doses of the two following other posts saying we do best by mixing low doses rather than a high dose of one.

    I can't reach my doc til Monday, so this is an important question.

    Thanks, Aeryn
  2. Goodday

    Goodday New Member

    Hi, I used to take 1/2 of the Trazodone with 15 mg of restoril (a sleeping pill) just a few minutes before getting into bed. I slept the full 7 hours without waking up during the night. I think it would be safe enough to do 1/2 and 1/2 of each. trazodone alone kept me sleeping for only 4 hours unless I used my sleeping pill with it. Also, a light snack such as 1/2 apple or any food makes the trazodone work better with less side effects. It is recommended to take some food with Trazodone. I would take Ambien, but for me it made me have nightmares. Hope this helps you. Goodday
  3. Aeryn

    Aeryn New Member

    I think tonight I'll try 25 mgs of the Traz and 5 of the Ambien and see what happens! Hopefully I'll feel good in the Am (mmmmm, hope).

    Thanks! Aeryn
  4. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    One of my docs prescribed 10 mg of Ambien and Trazadone up to 150 mg, if I needed it. I have dropped the Ambien since then in favor of other meds which serve more dual purposes.

    I currently take 100 mg Trazadone along with Klonopin, Neurontin and Flexeril at night to help me sleep. I slept 10 1/2 hours last night, which I really needed. I'm trying to catch up from my brother's visit.

  5. epicurean

    epicurean New Member

    have been taking 5mg Ambien and 150mg. Trazodone for some time now.Works like a charm!!!
  6. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    i take and ambien and think its 50mg of trazadone for sleep. with a few other things thrown in...celexa, just take it at nite so i'll rmemeber and methadone.

  7. Nikki

    Nikki Member

    So, I'm taking 150mg Trazodone and 5mg of Ambien, along w/.25 or half that dose of Klonopin (generic). It works just fine. I'm able to get up during the night (w/o falling down - LOL) to go to the bathroom. And I go right back to sleep.

    Looks like lots of folks are doing the same.........sharon