Talk about being TICKED off...............................

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    Guess what I found out yesterday the hard way I guess that my health Insurance ran out. See how my works is through an IBEW Union Hall. It goes by how many hours you work in a month. Your union dues pay it for and if you don’t work you lose it after so many days. Who wants to guess at the number of days off before you lose it, you’ll do as good as I did. They just dump you with out so much as a “ Fair the Well “. I called them yesterday because I’m missing some refills and a new prescription that should have been here two weeks ago (at the end of January). It seems that my coverage ran out on the first of February, and get this they send out a notice that it ran out supposedly by the word of this Insurance rep on the 1st of February. I asked this Rep why didn’t someone say something or make note of it; her response was that they only sent out notices after you ran out. Can you image how that would work if you only put gas in your car when it stop running, or ate something only after you passed out from hunger, if you only sent in your light bill after your lights were shut off non pay. Can you get the point that I’m trying to make, well I sure couldn’t get this individual to see it that way? I’m caught between a rock and a hard place, I’m not a member of that local union hall just a traveler. It is hard to explain, so there are no means available for me to fight them I guess. I have read that there is something written or a Law that they just can’t cut you off with out offering you something else to carry on at your cost. She said ya; there is its CORBA that would cost $350 a month. Hell that’s a fourth of my income.

    Does anybody out there know of cheap insurance out there worth the money. We’ve been fighting this DD and lack of work to the point that we have cleaned out our savings and the only thing left is to sell our home and we have it on the market as we speak. Well so much for the BOO HOOING it felt good to just let go. We’ll leave it up to the LORD and be thankful for what we still have for now anyway. We need an Icon for being really Pi$$ed off.