TALK ABOUT HERXING! what about matrix 2000?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by susiek, Nov 4, 2003.

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    I am using Chisolms egg-based TF originally developed for Autistic children targeted to the gut issues with candida/colostridum.It is called ToeufF. I bought it because it is much more cost effective than the targeted TF's. I have CFS, I bought it for my dog who is autoimmune challenged. I haven't noticed any herx with me except I think it is helping my immune system but GEEEEZ, my dog's symptoms (low immunity, itching skin, bacterial skin infections, etc.) got A LOT worse on it, in fact the person who sold it to me said he found it so strong, he recommends 1/8 of a dose, which Lucky (my dog) is on. Interestingly, my holistic vet that I take my Herpes kitty to, is a classical homeopath and he really believes in homeopathy and tranfer factors to be the top healers. He only knows about the 4Life TF's. He told me that I shouldn't see worsening of symptoms, just getting better which surprised me as that is against everything I have heard, if one is immune-compromised, usually introducing an immune supplement, whatever it is, usually causes a herx as the immune system wakes up, Am I Wrong??

    Also anyone have any comments on Matrix 2000? I am looking for the LEAST expensive, most effective (aren't we all!) TF and I also want to introduce the vet to different TF's, Chisolm being one, and I have no experience with ProHealths TF's, please, anyone comment on them?

    THANKS :))

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    Your post gave me a really good autoimmune challenged dog and a Herpes Kitty...that is just too much!
    But I have noticed that the vets are geting on the band wagon with the know there is a TF made just for kittys. But I am sorry your critters are sick.

    My sis just ordered the TF Essentials today so I could let you know in a few weeks what she thinks.

    Every one that I have heard of has been at least alittle worse before better but mine was very nild and only 2-3 days. Really not as bad as my worse days.

    Chisholm makes the Immune Transfer C sold for $140 at this site. I sure hope they never stop making it,