talk about putor frustration

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    Dear MorningGlory
    I recieved a link to reply to you,it did'nt work. Try as I might,nothing, soooo I'm going to learn this with the help of Jesus. This machine really managed to intimidate me, this was not your average every day frustration oh no....
    This is a real challenge when your learning by trial and error and you know who would prefer that I just give up....but I'm not giving up..I was sooo afraid of making mistakes that I was ready to quit trying I need you all more then you'll ever know, I love to pray for you and with you. I FINALLY found a place where I could feel comfort and love,it took 15 yrs but it was worth the wait........I can do all things with CHRIST
    who strenghens me, This is no big deal to Jesus. Thank You Lord for giving me the courage to share this because between brain fog and the fear of making myself look a right nincompope lol, I could have missed out on support and knowlege I need so badly. Thank you for your prayers and kindness,,,May God bless you in everything you do
    LOVEandPRAYERS ALWAYS Silverbell