talk by my CFIDS doc in the SF Bay Area

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    If you'd like to hear the doctor speak before seeing him as a patient, or just hear him speak with the opportunity to ask questions, here's a chance coming up next week.

    I found out about him, and have been his patient, since mid last year. He ran some tests, that no one else had done in all these years, which explained some of my long time symptoms. And the results told me that I have at least 2 more long term viral and bacterial infections that I didn't know about.

    Please share w/ anyone you know who would like to attend

    El Camino Women's Hospital - Lunch N Learn: "Re-evaluating Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome and Immunology" by Andreas M. Kogelnik, MD, PhD
    Tuesday, April 19
    12:30 – 1:30pm
    ECH Main Hospital, conference room G
    Mountain View, CA
    directions can be found at

    "All are welcome. Please come if you can as it would be nice to show the hospital that there is a strong community interest for this topic."
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    i too am a dr. k patient. i am wondering if you mind sharing how he is treating you (what meds) and if you are seeing any improvement?

    i too hae tested postive for a myriad of viral and bacterial infections....but to date the AV's i have taken have not helped.

    thanks, lisa
  3. PowerViaKnowledge

    PowerViaKnowledge New Member

    Hi, Lisa,

    My D and natural killer cell function need to be raised quite a bit before AVs had a good chance of helping me; so I've been working on that. I'm waiting to see if I can do an AV + immune modulator. My immune system is so whacky that I think I need them both together.

    I hear from other patients (on message boards) that the AVs can take 6-18 months to work. Do you mind sharing how long have you been on them?


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