Talk to me Guys... Who benefits from chiropractic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RoZzZ, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. RoZzZ

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    First I'd like to say Hi to all....
    New to this including CFS, so bare with me if I say or do the wrong thing.
    Suffering with CFS for the past 12 months, what a nightmare! Just wondering who here sees a chiropractor, how you benifit from care and how often/regular do you go? I suffer extreme pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands and many headaches...anyone with advice?
    I haven't found very much help in the medical profession. Most of my info comes from you guys...THANX!
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  2. dlizard

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    I have been seeeing a chiro for about 7 months now and get adjustments about every 2 weeks now... and accupuncture about 1 time a month now.... Both have helped me immensely... more than western medicine... my chiro *listens* ( what a concept) and then acts!!!! ( even bigger accomplishment!!!) I couldn't live without it and for the record.... I'm an RN! Good luck..... and remember not all chiro's are the same..... just like no two docs are the same.....!!
  3. fifty1ford

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    I have been seeing a Chiropractor once every three weeks for about two years now and the treatments really help with back and neck stiffness, and headaches. If I wait longer than three weeks inbetween Chiro treatments I get bad headaches and neck stiffness. I also see an acupunturist every other week which helps as well with the mucsle aches, IBS, and other FMS/CFIDS symptoms.

    I have recently started Myofacila Release treatments which show great promise after two sessions. It must be said that thsee treatments are not as effective if I do not also practice my own physical activities such as: Tai Chi and some calisthetics (some push-ups, jumping jacks, and other stretching).

    These treatments are not cheap and I am fortunate enough to have a job that pays well enough for me to afford the treatments and experimentation. Although, I must continually fight with my wife over the money that I spend, I find the fights worth the effort for now. I do grow weary of having to justify why I want or need a certain treatment.

  4. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    for about 2 years, 3 years ago. He didn't help me one bit. AND he kept cracking the middle of my back where i have one disk that is really messed up and making me go thru the roof in pain! N
  5. idiotsinc

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    I'm not a believer in chiro but I have a sister with FMS that was seeing one for awhile. She quit and now gets a massage once a week and says it's done a lot more for her.
  6. synergy42

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    I have wonderful chiro stories. One helped me keep from having a hysterectomy when I was 38. He was a specialist in gynecology, believe it or not. I had been to every kind of M.D. and nurse practitioner, as well as naturopath you can imagine. And it was my regular chiropractor who stopped the bleeding. I have talked to another woman who also had this experience.

    Another chiropractor helped me get back on my feet one day when I could not walk. By that evening I was dancing.

    Another one got rid of a painful tailbone I had had since an injury in grade school. This was nearly 40 years later, and it took a year for us to work this one through. It's been okay for over 6 years now.

    I still see this latter chiropractor. She is marvelous. She adjusts my knees, which have arthritis, as well as a recurring stiff back, hips, and neck. These conditions do not leave. When they act up, I go to her if they last more than a few days. However, aquacize and a hot tub replace her, if I go!

  7. Jaysea

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    I've been getting chiropractic treatment for 7 yrs. I'm going every 3 weeks now. It helps me alot with the stiffness. I found the treatments like TENs and ultrasound made it worse so now he just cracks my bones and stretches my muscles and then uses thumb pressure on the trigger points in my back and neck. He even cured my myofascitis. My chiro uses a more gentle form of chiropractic. He doesn't jump on my vertebrae with alot of force like most chiro's do. He just presses gently and manipulates the muscles around the vertebrae . Works for me anyway.
  8. healing

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    I would say forget the chiro and hunt down a good DO who can do the same work on your bod but within a stricter medical context and under insurance coverage. Mine twists me around like a pretzel sometimes, does acupuncture, provides homeopathic and herbal remedies as well as conventional medication. I have FMS pain in all the same places you do, and my DO's treatments give me good relief.
  9. wander

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    I have found a chiropratcor who is an RN and a certified acpuncturist. I get acpuncture gentle adjustments heat packs massage therapy every two weeks. I could not function without it. However it is like finding the right doctor. And it take time to work together to find what combination works. I also get natural supp and detox under the supervision of my chiropractor.
    My chiropractor has helped me more than any MD I have gone to . She hears what I am saying and has a very thorough knowledge of fibro. I have also gotten cranial sacral release and reflexology. Very helpful.
    Hope you find the right one and have good results.
  10. onesmileymyley

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    I would not know what I would do without mine. You do have to watch out because their are some that are not very good. Mine is very very smart about fibro and cfs as well as many other issues. They are very noligable as they go threw as 8 years of school just like a regular doctor. I would give one a try. It would be wise at least in my view.
  11. raingold

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    Hi RoZzZ,
    Yes, I go to a Chiropractor--not as often as I used to go though. I have tried different types. One uses an adjustment table to do most of his adjustments to the spine. Another is an old fashioned "bone cracker" and another is called a "network" chiropractor (meaning they treat the whole body on an energy level). I have had good results with all three and now mostly go to one that uses the table and also does applied kinesiology.
    Chiropractic adjustments are wonderful, but I believe that massage therapy and drinking lots and lots of water helped my muscles more than anything else. Yoga is good to do too, even if it is just an attempt at first. (I haven't forgotten the days when I tried to do yoga and cried because I felt so weak--but gone are those days, thank goodness!!!!)
    There are a host of other things to be done with Chiropractor adjustments that inhance the healing process.
    Keep up the research--you're on the right track! Raingold