Talked to a guy that is 90% better on Valtrex

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    He has suffered for 20+ years with FM and after 3 months on Valtrex, his symptoms began disappearing. Supposedly, his
    doctor believes it is a form of the herpes virus (HHV6) that could be culprit in FM. Thoughts?

    ANNXYZ New Member

    and it did enable me to overcome chronic EBV and helped me begin functioning again. HOWEVER, it DID NOT HELP with HHV6 , and most docs do not believe it is effective for HHV6 , including Dr Teitlebaum, and Dr Joe Brewer . Brewer is an infectious disease doc who has lots of clinical experience with HHV6 and CFS.

    Yes, HHV6 is strongly implicated , along with CMV, EBV, and mycoplasma infections in CFS. You can get more info at Immunity Today on this subject , and on Dr Joe Brewer's product , targeted transfer factor . I have been on Immune Care 64 for six months and feel MUCH stronger .
    I still have to overcome the mycoplasma problem, but the TF has made a big difference.

    Dr Sujay , who posts here, also gained personal benefits with EBV with transfer factor, and was able to return to practicing medicine after taking it .

    There is a new drug that has been reputed to work for HHV6 ( and CMV) called VAlcyte . It is vERY pricey , but
    you might want to look up info . My research has consistently led me to believe that valtrex will affect a few herpes virii , but is powerless over HHV6 . It did not improve HHV6 for me, but Immune care 64 was a big help.
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    Famvir, a newer antiviral med than Valtrex, helped me, but I don't want to be taking an antiviral for years like I've had to do with antibiotics. The Transfer Factor 200 sold here is effective against both strains of HHV-6.

    Many docs are having good luck with antivirals, but they do not train the body's immune system to target stealth viruses and kill them like the transfer factors do.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi: I was Dx last March after being dx with a Herpes infection in Dec. 03 I never recovered and have been on Valtrex 1 grm at bed whenever that is : ( eversince.

    Can I ask you what dose you were on because this doesn't seem to be doing a thing for me.

    I just started Doxy last wk 100mg X2 a day and Nystatin to go along with it to keep the yeast away I guess.

    I seem to be worse every day all my symptoms seem to be FMS,although the Rheumy also dx CFIDS I don't have too much trouble with that from what I read on the board about it.

    Any advice you can give me, I read all your posts, I kind of feel like a stalker, but I am in terrible pain in my hips and my legs just kill me.

    Thanks for any input..

    Take care,

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    I took the large blue pill ( 1 gram) twice daily. I slowly noticed improvements after I had been on it 3 mos.
    However, it never had any effect on HHV6 , and usually will not.

    Moxie, it is very possible you are having a bad herxheimer reaction from the doxy , probably due to mycoplasma bacteria dying . When I started on doxy ,
    I felt I had been thrown in HELL I became intensely miserable. Dr Sujay here is my friend and helper . She advised me to go much slower and I dropped the dose to
    50 mg every other day for a while , to lower the bacterial load . Then later you can slowly raise the dose . That worked well for me.

    A lot of the literature I am reading advises taking the ABX every other day , as the toxins formed by the bacteria dying causes inflammation . I am pretty convinced on this point . I would consider lowering the dose and taking it every other day , then gradually raising the dose. I would not take the doxy daily .

    I honestly think transfer factor helped me more than valtrex, though valtrex did help with the EBV .

    I am also convinced it is impossible to improve or have decent health without raising glutathione levels , which takes a couple of months . Glutathione is our number one detox weapon, and almost INVARIABLY we are deficient . If you have not read up on this subject , I encourage you to do so . There are many studies now on glutathione , and they all indicate good health and immune function rely on having normal levels . There are several new books on this subject.

    After 3 mos on transfer factor and supplementing for glutathione , I began to see REAL improvement . However , I initially felt a lot worse before improving .
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    Four years ago I had very active HHV6A and was extremely ill. It was diagnosed through cultures of spinal fluid. When a virus is in your brain and replicating, treatment is necessary. I went on a chemotherapy regimen that lasted several months.

    Results (another lumbar puncture) showed the virus gone but never forgotten. It is dormant somewhere in my body and remains so. I took Famir for a long time to help the virus stay hidden and now I take Valtrax for the same reason. I am tested regularly for any reactivation.
    This is done by blood test.

    My point here is that the antiviral drugs are used by doctors for many reasons and because we are different
    people with a multitude of differing genes , many of us may take the same drugs for several reasons.

    One more comment about doctors. There are many who are working to find causes and remedies for all these diseases. In my opinion we need to be respectful of all of them. At this time there is no one answer for all of us. I pray for the day THE answer will be found. In the meantime let's praise all doctors who work so hard for all of us. nancyann

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    Hi Annxyz: Thank you for the advice about the Doxy, I have noticed I am totally blah, a lot of the big D and sleeping till the cows come home.

    I think I will take your advice and do only every other day with the 200mg and see what happens, because this doesn't really feel like it's makeing me any better.

    I realize that I will feel worse before I feel better but this stinks. Initially on the Valtrex back last March I was sick all the time, I guess Herxing, I still don't really know what that means.

    I had the sweats terrible and running in the bathroom all the time, if that's what herxing is well then I had it. : )

    I think I will take a break from the Valtrex for 2 wks., if I come down with a Herpes Virus while not being on it I will jump off the nearest bridge. You tell me you were taking double my dose and nothing much happened.

    I can't believe just one big blue pill before bed is doing much or maybe it already did it's work, who knows??

    I will look in the Library for something on Gluthionate (sp)..I have read a few things about it already but nothing in depth.

    Thank you for your time and expertise..take good care,


    P.S. I still don't think I'm ready for the transfer factor, my Dr is holding off on things until I have a sleep study done on the Sept. 23, this should be interesting, like I was up all last night went to bed at 11:00a.m. this morning and just got up at 7:00 p.m. tonight, I have no life and I feel like crap. enough about me...take care, g[This Message was Edited on 09/03/2004]
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    you can make progress on doxy even taking 100 mg every other day. Dr Sujay advised me to start at 50 mg every other day , which was very tolerable, and over a period of several months I got better . I am afraid you are wiped out by heavy die off of toxins .

    Valtrex did REALLY help me ( after 3 -4 mos) wit EBV, but my levels of HHV 6 NEVER went down , even after two
    years on it. Dr Brewer also does not see results with valtrex on HHV6 , and Dr Teitlebaum's book says valtrex is not effective for HHV6 . If you have insurance to cover valcyte, it might be a good choice - definitely
    worth exploring.

    whey protein undenatured helps your body raise GLUT.
    levels . I take the cofactors : selenium, VIT C , N acetyl cysteine and lipoic acid as recommended by my doc .
    I urge you to get a book and read up on this . It takes 3 mos of supplementing cofactors to begin seeing your health improve and for your detox system to repair. This can make a difference ( enormous ) over a period of time. I do not believe ( and lots of docs agree ) that good health is possible with low GLUT levels , because our DETOX system is BROKEN , and virii and bacteria do not get removed or mopped up and taken out thru the kidneys and liver .
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