Talked to a woman who got back 80% of her life

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    My son, who works with her son, gave me her phone number so I could find out what she did to make herself so much better.

    First, what made her sick... Her husband had Leukemia, they ran a farm, they had 4 teenage boys. Her husbands battle lasted 10 (?) years as she looked after him, ran the farm and raised the boys. She loved him very much and wanted to be by his side through this battle.

    She was then injured in an accident, which brought on all those symptoms we are all familiar with, and went down the road most of us have been down until she got a Dx of Fibromyalgia, with little help to feel better.

    As she suffered with FMS, she also looked after her husband and sons and farm.

    Her husband decided as he got sicker to rent the farm and they moved, he eventually died, the boys grew up and left home.

    She said once all that stress was over, she started, very slowly to feel better. It took about 10 months, and she still has moments of minor flares. She is now 60 and retired and has a fairly stress-free life and makes sure it stays that way.

    She had barely survived Spinal Meningitis in her youth. KNowing what we are beginning to know about CFIDS and FMS, I wonder if she was 'pre-dispositioned" to these DDs, got a stealth infection from the Spinal Meningitis, kept it at bay because she was basically healthy, then the stress came into her life, topped off with the accident and Whammo! she stripped the gears on her HPA and Voila she got FMS/CFS

    Once she had an opportunity to become stress free, heal the loss of her GH, she started to heal herself.

    It makes so much sense to me. I am lucky enough to have whittled down my stress, but I still over-react to stressful situations. I am on disability, my GH is retired, and we moved to an apartment, kids are grown and doing well. Still manage to find stress, and I am taking what this woman said to heart.

    When I told my husband this story, he suggested he get himself a food taster! (lol)

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    interesting. I also spoke with a woman who says she feels 90% better. She says she started noticing improvement about a year after her symptoms began and now it is 8 years later. She began getting symptoms after a hysterectomy. I asked what worked for her. She went to a naturapath and drinks these shakes. She does yoga, swimming and meditation. She also lifts weights every other day. She advised me "to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich" during stressful situations. I know this is impossible for many of us, but as a metaphor for trying not to let stress get the better of us it may work. She still gets flares rarely, but she knows how to get rid of them as quickly as possible - massage, accupuncture, relax.
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    And I am wondering how she manages her stress. I find that I am really stressed so much of the time even when there is no need for it. And when there are things that would be stressful for a healthy person I just about fall apart.

    I read here recently that two of the trademark symptoms of CFS are anxiety and depression. I have a handle on the depression thanks to St. John's Wort.

    I wonder what we can do for the anxiety. Massage therapy sounds good. What else is there?

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    I heard that listening to music that you like, is good for reducing stress. Since my GH and I moved to an apartment, I haven't had my wireless headphones hooked up so I can listen to the music I enjoy without interfering in his "Ear" space. My GH said there was just no room for that system....

    The last couple of days I have been putting on music that I enjoy and singing along as I putter around the house. It has felt so good to my soul. Well, just about a 1/2 hour ago my GH said to me "We'll have to set up your Wireless sound system for you Dear" Hmmmm Now, could it be because I sing so terribly? :)

    Singing and bicycling has made me feel like in some way I am taking back my life, maybe because they help reduce stress. Now give me a few minutes and I might feel totally lousy, but at the moment I am feeling especially good.

    hugs Pepper,

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    while your poor hubby is worriedly poking at the food on his plate. :)

    Listening to music - yes. That is definitely something that makes me feel better and I have not done much of it since my husband retired. I am going to figure out how to use the wireless headset because I think that would help with the anxiety.

    Thanks, Happygranny. Good idea!

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    I had never heard of it, so looked it up and found that it is a:

    "complete, comprehensive bone and joint health support formula. It contains cartilage and bone building compounds, providing the body what it needs to increase bone density and also rebuild healthy cartilage and connective tissue. Additionally included are whole foods, herbs and enzymes for pain associated with inflammation, especially helpful for fibromyalgia sufferers."

    with: "A complete bone and joint support formula
    Contains naturally occurring (whole food) cartilage building compounds such as Glucosamine and Chondroiton sulfates
    Contains enzymes and botanicals to ease pain and inflammation
    Promotes healthy joints
    Contains over 20 naturally occurring minerals (including Potassium, Sodium and Calcium) from both predigested and regular goat-milk whey to support joints and bone density
    Ingredients to assist mobility and flexibility
    A blend of 17 different foods, botanicals and enzymes

    Has anyone heard of this product before?

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    If most of us look back, many of us survived early events which we appeared to recover from only to suffer more events later on and eventually, succumb to our illnesses.

    There were a number of things which caused problems for me, including viral meningitis. I would recover each time but when I was going through my divorce and got sick with the mycoplasma infection, I was never the same afterward. An auto accident almost six years ago brought on the symptoms of FMS and I went downhill fast.

    I live alone and do not work. I am very slowly clawing my way back but because I kept on working when I was sick, I totally crashed and it will take time to heal.

    I'm glad this woman is doing so well. I don't think we can underestimate the harm that stress does to us or even to healthy people.

    Love, Mikie
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    You know pepper, there are several ways to 'manage stress' Massage therapy is one. Chiropractic thereapy (with a good one) can be another. Massage pillows, and frequent 'rest' breaks. There are also natural vitamins (the B vitamins) that help you deal with stress.

    There are herbs (in the form of teas (passion flower, valarian (if you can stand the smell) has a calming effect on the nerves, and taking caffine out of your diet, and certain stress foods, such as fried and fast foods.

    Juicing will help build the immune system to cope better with stress.

    And last but not least there is GABA (a natural Amino acid) and Clonazapam (prescribed by drs that help)

    There are many more, these are just a few of the one's I've tried (and used them together) 5-htp is good for mood and sleep, which can help with stress as well...

    Hope I've been of some help to you...
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    I just wanted to say I enjoyed your story. Stress is a big one and I'm working on it with success. BUT... Anger is a big one for me and I'm having trouble dealing with it-I seem to be loaded with it at times. Stress-Anger-Smoking I feel a link and I'm going to break it some how.
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    I am reading a book I got from the library called:

    Freedom From Fibromyalgia: The 5 Week Program Proven to Conquer Pain by Nancy Selfridge & Franklynn Peterson

    It is basically written to help people deal with the emotional stress and anger that so many of us with this DD have.

    Part of me resisted the book because I don't want to think any of this pain and misery I have could be caused by emotional garbage, but it is well written and explains very clearly the connection between stress and our bodies response to stress.

    Misskitty, Thank you for your additional information about stress aids. I am going to look into GABA. I do take Vitamin B100s already and am sure they help.

  11. Dee50

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    I'm going to see if I can find that book! Thanks
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    I read that book - freedom from fibro - last week and entered a bad depression that took 5 days to pull myself out of! The book says it is our fault because we are perfectionistic and don't express our anger. It didn't help at all - made me worse till I saw my old therapist (that I haven't had to go to in 2 years!) Stay away from that book!

    Sue in Florida
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    I believe stress plays a part but it is only one piece of the FM puzzle. Even cancer patients have bee shown to get better if the visualize and maintaian positive attitudes. It is all connected. Lynn
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    Thanks for sharing this woman's story. A great conversation followed! Stress? What stress? I am 52, have a 4 yo son and an unemployable husband with ADD. Since my diagnosis of FM in July, I've taken the advice to heart about getting rest, pacing myself and giving up lots of stuff I used to do as part of my crazy life. It helps so much to read this message board and feel the support.

    One thing I thought of as I read through the posts is a book that I used years ago to help with healing. It's called "Getting Well Again" by Stephanie and Carl Simonton. It's directed toward cancer patients, but I found the relaxation/visualization part really helpful. I was trying to recover from serious gum disease. My teeth were all loose and I'd had some bone loss in my jaw. The first periodontist I went to wanted to pull 10 teeth. I think I was 32 years old at the time. I did the exercise from the book at least once a day. I saved all my teeth and to the dentist's surprise, actually grew some bone back. He said he'd never seen that before. He had wanted to do bone grafting, but changed his mind after about 6 months.

    I've gotten the old book out and haven't opened it. This thread may be the push I've needed to get started. Thank you all!

  15. happygranny

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    Because as I got into it I found it was putting a lot of stress on me.

    It is so true that our emotional state affects our health and staying as stress free and relaxed as possible - getting lots of rest - is an important part of feeling better.

    However I couldn't think that it was past emotional experience that was causing this DD. It could make us worse, as can a lot of other things like diet, environmental toxicity etc.

    But there is still something that is causing this illness and we can do a lot to help us feel somewhat better, but the "Cure" is not here yet.

    Thanks everyone for your interesting input and discussion.

    This links with the other post I have about whether we are a glass half full or half empty personality.

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    Hi HP! What are these shakes you drink? And have you used the new stuff called 04....acouple of drops rubbed on and the pain is supposed to stop. It's in the Pro Health catalog. Wanted to hear some one's opinion before ordering it. Thanks, Mary
  17. gottagetbetter

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    Anger is depression turned inward...FYI.

    I find that no matter what we do we will have stress in our lives. Trying to minimize that stress is important but first and foremost is learning how to deal with the stress in a positve matter.

    Yoga is very helpful, mediation, relaxing baths, a walk in the park, calming music(ocean sounds, rain storms, waterfalls) a good book, deep belly breathing is a huge thing!! Just find a niche for yourself and then go for it.

    I have 3 kids that I was homeschooling. I decided to put them into school this year so I could concentrate on me and actually breath for myself. Hard at first because I am always doing for someone else(one of the reasons I became ill).

    I would encourage you to find a little space in time for yourself and see how much better you feel!!
    ~P :O)
  18. ldbgcoleman

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    Another good book is When bad things happen to good people, and The Purpose Driven Life.

    You cannot eliminate all stress from your life but you can control how you deal with it. I am a chronic worrier and we have been through alot over the past two years so this is easier said than done..... but it can be done! Lynn