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    I met a nice woman at my Rusty Joints class as the gym. It is a swiming class that is really gentle on the joints. Ruthie and I got talking about our reasons for going to this class. I told her what I had, fibro, DDD, bulging discs , spinal stenosis. end -stage osteo-arthritis in both knees and left wrist. Ruthie said that she had fibro and was on Lyrica, and was upset with her GP who treats her fibro. She said that she has spent more time in pain since she started on Lyrica, and that in less than a year she has gained over 70 lbs. It upsets her greatly that her doctor has never said a word about the weight gain, did not mention that side effect either. She wanted to know who I went to and what I was on. I told her who my doctor is and while he does prescribe narcitic pain meds for me , I don't know what he would treat her with if she went to see him. I made sure that she knew that my rehumy does not like the strong pain meds I am on and over the years he has lowered my dosage of Mscontin. { I really did that on my own. I found at the end of a month I always has a lot of pills left over. One month when I was still seeing a pain speicalist I Noticed that I had two full bottles of my narcoitics in my drawers. So when I saw him he and I dispossed of 90 % of them. Due to insurance changes i had to stop seeing my pain doctor. and started seeing the rehumy. I am not thrilled with him either. I dont' feel that he gives a hoot about me as a patient, I have only seen him oce in the past year and a half, I have seen him when I have taken my Mom to see him but as for treating my pain issues he does not see me often enough to really know if how I am doing. I told this to Ruthie just to let her know that just because this rehumy treats my pain with narcoitics , he just kept me on the same narcitcs I was on to start with.
    Last week she said tha she has made an appointment with him, I told her to see him and take with her a list of every question she can think of that concerns her pain issues. I also told her that she should not expect him to prescribe narcoitics right away , I said that i thought she should meet him ask him all her questions and see if he can help her to feel better. IF he can't then she should not go to him. I have learned that you need to interviiiiew your doctor learn all about him , what he treats , does he prescribe pain meds or does he not treat with pain meds. I don't want her to think that my doctor is going to be teh best thing for her. When I see him this month I have some questions I want answered, since he treats my pain with strong narcotics I want him to make me feel like he care abot me as a patient not a paycheck. Finding a doctor to treat fibro, or arthritis is really hard to do, It takes time and asking questions that may make you uncomfortable but they need to be asked. I know that I need to ask questions that pertain to my case, is he willing to change meds if I need it? I feel that I need to see him more than once a year. There are more questions I will ask. I Hope that I gave the right advise to Ruthie about doctors. I worry about my doctor as he does not do much when I tell him that my legs ache and my knees hurt. I know that I need both knee's replaced but I don't have the money to pay for them and don't want to owe money that I can't pay . Life in pain really bites and I wish I had an answer to know how and where to find a doctor who cares and does not cost you your life saveings to see and treat you.
    Thanks for letting me vent
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    ...where you'll meet someone else who has fibro. I went to a physical therapist who, as it turns out, has fibro herself... I guess for many of us fibro is still a "dirty little secret that they don't like to talk about" with healthy people. And of course, there is justification for that - as we all know - because there are still many "normal" people who make negative assumptions if you say you have fibro.

    But I think people are gradually "coming out of the closet about fibro" so to speak. And that, in my opinion, is a good thing. Fibro is bad enough, without feeling like you have to keep it to yourself!


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