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    we can pray together.for God to give us strenght to live with men like this.

    I don"t mean to be men bashing, but its so hard to feel alone all the time.my husband I suspect has ADD, and has since hes been a child, he can"t remember anything.
    I don't know how he has made it this far in life, but I also know he could try harder, but this has been his patteren in life ,
    I pray for him everyday to grow up.and I guess I"ll pray for him till I no longer can.
    but I"ve learned to try to put myself first, and alot of the time I feel selfess about it. but thats the only . way I can keep going.

    I sometimes just go places by myself just to have a break from it all. I have my own bedroom ,thank God for that
    He has become so depended on me it just makes me want to run away, Hes not capable of understanding other peoples feelings.so I don"t waste my time anymore trying to explain it to him.
    I truly think he has the mind of a child, he'll play with the dogs and animals like a kid would,but then he"ll forget to water the horses in this hot weather and my son and I have to watch him all the time. he forgets to shut the hose off. if he does water the animals. I have to double check everything he does, I don"t know how he gets along at work?
    so my Dear, just know that I"m praying for you and your husband,& mine and hope that God helps us both.
    hugs sixtyslandy
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    Hi dear! My husband chooses to escape life and it's responsibilities with alcohol. He can also be very mean when he is drinking. The last two years it has been bad. Everything would most likely be good if I would take the financial responsibility for his buisness, but I do not have the enery to do this. Besides he is a grown man, and it is time he faced life head on. I told him when he gave up a good job with good insurance that it was up to him to make this buiness work or fail, and that I wasn't going to do all the managing of it for him (yes, we have been thru this before).

    I already do everything else. Since this last big flare in May I could use some of his help. many days I drag myself to do all the things that I do. I have gone from working 40-60 hours a week to 24 hours a week, and I still feel like I am working overtime. If I had the energy I would do it for him just because I could, but I can't.

    I don't know what the solution is???? But I am going to stay strong in the Lord. It is a hard for me to think about ending my marriage. I do not want to, but I don't want to live like this anymore either.

    Wow, how long have you been married? It sounds like a long time! Has he always been like this? Has it gotten worse in the last few years? How old is he? Could he have Alzheimers?
    Do I sound like a nurse with all these questions? lol!

    Right now I am just waiting on the Lord. Thank you for your kind words and your prayers. I have you covered in my prayers also! May Our God Bless you! Love, Tam
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    Hope things are going alittle better for you.
    I've been married to my hubby for 27 yrs, its a second marriage,so I guess thats why I"ve hug in there so long, after going thru 1 bad marriage I just felt like I needed to hang in there for the journey.
    I pray daily that God will g ive me the Knowledge to deal with this thing .
    My hubby has been like this from day one ,But since he"s been sick he;s worse.
    I will pray that your husband will realize that he needs to handle his business and that God will help him.also that God will deliver him from drinking.
    Take sometime for yourselve, and know that thats what God would want you to do.
    I've learned to love myselve and that I have needs to. not only with my hubby,but with my children.
    hugs and Blessing sixtyslady
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    You are on my mind and in my prayers! I am off to work, but I just wanted to tell you that "I love you" before I go! Love, Tam
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    with their shortcomings and that the burden be lightened for you.Linda
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    thanks for the prayers.I"m sure we all can use them.

    MY hubby is wondering around ,trying to clean up the basement,which our son has cleaned 4 times and refuses to clean again because my hubby will just trash it.

    He won"t get it cleaned but at least hes out of my hair.
    so I can try to pick up the house .and finish the laundry.
    then I have to go get groceries, by that time I"ll be ready to fall in my chair.
    Its so sad we have nothing in common anymore.it just wears me out to just be around him.
    My son just left ,because he said he.s Dads driving him nuts. He'll be gone the rest of the day.
    at night he gets up and down out of his chair a million times and walks in front of us so we can"t even enjoy a movie,I wish the Dr would give him something to calm him down.
    Its sad he ,s just like his Mother was she just about wore my poor old Father-in-law out.
    He finally had to put her in a home. because she kept running away. when he was trying to farm.

    I pray everyday for God to heal my hubby and keep him from getting that way.

    I hope you have a good week-end Tam and your husband gets some peace about his problem,s I will continue to pray for both of us. HUgs, sixtyslady