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    Tamiflu usually works well if started within the first 48 hours.

    Just wanted to mention that there is also an over-the-counter homeopathic remedy available that has antiviral properties and can fight the flu.

    It is called Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract (Original Formula).

    There are a number of studies about it's ability to fight the flu on PubMed.

    A couple years ago, my daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons all got the H1N1 flu.

    My youngest grandson was the only one to take Sambucol elderberry extract and he recovered much faster than the others.
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    which also has echinecea and astralagus in it. Unfortunately I didn't start until about the 7th day but I'm still taking a tsp. of it in my bottle of water which I also add my liquid vit. D, mineral drops, PH drops, and some lemon juice. My "cocktail" twice a day! It helps mask the awful taste of the mineral drops.

    I agree Jam. If something is being highly advertised I'm leary.
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    My sister swears by Wellness Formula by Source Naturals...I got some and am a believer also. This wk I was getting a cold, felt the beginning stages so I took these supps 3x a day. It kicked it out of me, I was sure by Thurs I was going to be really sick, but thank goodness I wasn't. (knock on wood)
    You can take it as a maintenance dose or a higher dose when you're getting sick. I didn't get a flu shot either, but will keep using this stuff...and will call for Tamiflu if I do get sick. I took it a couple of yrs ago and it shortened/lessened the severity of the flu.
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    I'm really glad we have Tamiflu.

    However, not all of us can tolerate it. I tried it when I had swine flu and couldn't tolerate it. Luckily I was able to get well by taking Lauricidin. So there are options for both drug-tolerant and drug-sensitive people.

    Hey, Jam, I have seen ads for Oscillo!

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