Tandy how's your Kitty Cat?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Rosiebud, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Been away a couple of days and I'm wondering how your wee man is doing??

    I remember a cat I had in my 20s who was really sick and I had to feed him with syringe - it was horrible, really difficult so I'm hoping your kitty is by eating himself now.

    What is his name?????

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  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    His name is warrior. (and hopefully he is a warrior)
    I'm so at a loss with him, and still so worried.

    He is doing a little better,... tho by phone the vet thinks he should be doing alot better than he is.
    I'm still feeding him. He can take a few licks on his own off a dish. but thats all he'll take on his own so I'm making him eat more by using the dropper too.

    But he's still not using a litter box.
    He just pees where he's laying :(
    which is'nt that often.(kinda good for me)
    I kinda got the impression from the vet that I should maybe consider putting him to sleep. he did'nt come right out and say it but he 'beat around the bush'

    Now,.. the reading I did on the computer about his illness (feline vestibular disease) says it could take a few weeks to recover. so,.. I don't know if he just needs more time,.... or if I'm just prolonging his death.

    and its so sad for me and my family.
    Nobody that I speak to really asks much about him. Not like they would if it were a human being suffering~
    Seems some people just have the attitude of "oh,..its just a cat' they don't realize that we could be grieving or upset over his illness.
    ??? I don't know if I'm making sense.
    :) I'm trying to.
    BTW,.. my kitty is almost 7 yrs old. He's a tiger grey.

    I went to the petstore a few days ago and bought a meal replacement milk w/ vitamins for cats. He seems to like it.
    any thoughts?
    I apreciate you asking Rosie~
    Thats sweeter than sweet
  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am sorry you are still struggling to bring Warrior back to health. He is still so young to be in such bad shape.

    This summer, my cat was sick with rhinotracheitis - REAL sick. The vet said he was fine after a few weeks, but he wasn't. I had read that it could take 4 weeks to recover. It took every bit of that, plus a few more weeks to be back to normal. The weakness lasted the longest.

    So I say, hang in there and don't give up. I think the vitamin/milk is a great idea. I was going to suggest Ensure, but this sounds better, and just for cats.

    Anyone who has ever had a pet knows what you are going through. The people who don't understand, probably have never loved an animal companion. They are family too. It is almost harder when a pet is sick, because you can't explain things to them.

    But Warrior knows he feels bad and that you are trying to help him. It sounds like he is fighting to get better. The fact that he likes his cat milk is good. The more he gets in him the stronger he will become.

    Please keep us posted. I will continue to keep Warrior in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Huge hugs for popping in with your reply~

    I'm hangin in there.
    and so is the kitty~
    I gotta ask,... when your cat was real sick did he sleep alot? I mean alot??
    seems like he's sleeping 20 hrs a day.

    He is very weak. but the milk does seem to be at least keeping him somewhat nourished. (its by KMR) its suppose to be a real good one.
    Did your kitty lose weight?
    mine has :(
    at one time about a yr ago or 2 yrs ago,... he weighed 9 lbs something oz.
    last week at the vet he weighed 6.5
    so sad.
    Its heartbreaking that these animals can go thru the same pain and sickness as humans.
    (what a cruel world)
    ok,.. enough of my blabbin,
    I'm so glad your kittys back to normal~
    Hopefully mine will be soon too
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Yes, Scotty did sleep a lot when he was sick. I have noticed over the years that all the cats I have had sleep a lot more when they are sick. It helps them heal. You know how when people are sick, the Doc always says, "drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest...." Animals know that instinctively, I guess. Even when one of my cats would get in a fight and come home limping and scratched up, they would go off in a room and sleep for a few days, and come back out all healed.

    Your kitty is probably sleeping a lot because he is weak, but the sleep will be good for him. He is generating new cells while he sleeps.

    As for the weight, Scotty continued to eat while he was sick. Not very much, but enough to keep him nourished. He did lose some weight though. He was so weak he would make it over to the food bowl and lay down to eat and drink. And the weakness was the last thing to get back to normal.

    If you can keep getting Warrior to eat/drink his "milk", it will keep him hydrated, and give him calories to build energy. Plus, any water, wet food or even the gravy will help.

    You can tell if a cat is dehydrated by pulling up on the skin on the back of their neck. If it springs back into place, he's fine. If it holds its position a few seconds, he is dehydrated.

    He might be chilly too since he is inactive. Not sure how your weather is there now, but if you have the windows open, make sure he isn't in a drafty spot. With his being ill, he could be more susceptible to a cold. Or he could just get cold, like we do when we are laying still. Maybe put a "blanket wall" bunched up around him so he can tuck his face or toes in if he gets cold. Don't put it over him, because he is too weak to get out or push it off of him. Just in a ring around the sides of where he lays. Leave him a way out since he can't move well... a C-shaped ring.

    Also, try to keep his area quiet and stress free. (I know how hard this is with youngsters in the house.) But as we all know, stress can make you feel worse.

    The upper respiratory disease Scotty had can come back at any time if he gets overly stressed. I once saw my daughters cat eject about a bushel of hair when she brought him over to celebrate Christmas with my male cats and a house full of people he didn't know. I also heard a story once, (maybe here), about someones cat who ejected a cloud of hair at the vets office, so thick they could barely see through it. Stress is never a good thing.

    I hope Warrior continues to show improvement and gets back to normal soon.
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ...and hoping he was doing better.

    I think you're doing all you can but as you know an animal won't soil itself unless its very very ill. Let's hope he turns the corner this next week.

    Yeah, I know that "it's just a cat" stuff and I don't understand it either nor does any animal lover.

    Hugs to you and a soft, one-finger pet to Warrior,
  7. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Warrior is a lovely name.

    People who don't have animals in their families just do NOT get what we go through when they are sick or we lose them.

    My Rosie got cancer and the vet wouldn't commit to when we should have her put to sleep, I still don't know if I let her go too soon or if I waited too long.

    I think you should give your wee lamb a few weeks and see if he improves - he's eating a little. The peeing would worry me too but see how he goes, if he gets worse then you have your answer.

    I'm thinking of you and your little kitty Warrior.