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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lovstoshine, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. lovstoshine

    lovstoshine New Member

    Yes Mine does go into my back as well!!

    When the pain first started it was in the belly button area and the appendix area so I thought at first it was my appendix as my back which always hurts was tripled in pain

    My pain has changed it is still intense in the appendix area but has moved around and pretty much has my whole stomach and it is bloating which in itself is painful but I have had some stabbing pain on the left lower and upper left.

    Now my vagina was sore before but it is horrible now and yes it hurts to sit, It started last night I sat down in a rocking chair and all of a sudden I had to get up and the pain in my vagina is staying on the right side well not to be gross or anything but I put my finger in there and on the right side the end of my vagina where the vaginal cuff is - is hard and oh so painful now I don't know much but nothing should be hard in that area and it hurts into the butt as well.

    Although the colonoscopy this time was painful I am glad we did it as I do need to get that scar tissue off my large intestine as it is twisting the bowel but I am thinking I have adhesions pulling on the vaginal cuff or something is pushing down into that area??

    Once my Gyno found out the bowel was involved then she all of a sudden does not want to do the Lapracsopic thing (I can't spell right now) but in a way I am glad we went this way because if she had just done what she was going to I know she would not have looked at the bowels so

    I have an appt. Monday with a surgeon and I am thinking in the end I will have him and her to do the surgery as this pain tells me it's adhesions which will not show up on any tests and since this started I have had a ton

    I also feel since I had my hysterectomy vaginally that she probably did not clean up in there like she should have as after reading much on the internet I am finding adhesions are even more like with vaginal hysterectomy due to that reason. They cut it out and close.

    Wish I had known that when I did it that way!! I thought I was doing it the best way for least amount of pain.

    I am so sorry you are going through this too but it gives me hope that maybe between the 2 of us we can figure out what is going on.

    I will definately post after my appt. with the surgeon. By the way I take percocet 10's and the duragesic 25 patch and nothing is toucing this pain.

    And to write this I have to sit on my left side as otherwise well you know!!! OUCH

    Hope to hear from you today to see how things are going for you

  2. lovstoshine

    lovstoshine New Member

    Bumping for Tandy

  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I just had to rush home from the store because I started cramping so bad and had to go to the bathroom!!!
    I just made it~ Horrible pain and diareah~
    My belly is bloated too.
    Please read my post today(justput it up now ,matter of fact) on Ultrams.
    I was thinking last night,wondering what the hell is happening to me~ (us)
    I don't see my doc. again till the 19th.
    for follow up on the ultrasound. which did find cysts on my ovary. And for some odd reason,....the tech doing the ultrasound, while looking around with the probe....
    said "do you have alot of bowel troubles?"
    Of course I do, so I said yes.
    and asked why?
    she said my bowels look very loopy & twisted.
    Now,...what the hell is that suppose to mean?
    How could she know by this test that I have bowel issues?
    I have'nt had a colonoscopy since 2000.I'm due again this yr. and not looking forward to it.
    The prep is the absolute worse!!

    my butt hurts all around the tailbone,..and sometimes pains inside too. I get the sharp vaginal pains once in awhile. I think due to endo.
    My gyno suspects adynomyosis too.
    sometimes after sitting for more than 20 minutes,
    (not long) my butt not only hurts but I get a slight numb feeling above the tailbone area.
    The pain in my belly wraps around into my sides too.
    I hope your laying low and resting as much as you can today~ I'm in for the day.
    Gonna use my heating pad for alil bit.
    I'm afraid of my pain meds. Does'nt seem to help this pain at all.
    so I have nothing.
    Please keep me posted ok ~
    I'll check in early evening again.

  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    back up,..for Jeanie~
    just want you to see my reply.

  5. lovstoshine

    lovstoshine New Member

    Yes I am laying low today - actually I have no choice - tooo much pain!!!!!

    This has been my worst pain day, tomorrow when I go to see the surgeon it will be 3 weeks of this!!

    Usually I can find some kind of position to ease the pain but not today. My stomach pain is still there but the severe pain is inside my vagina and is hurting in the rectum as well now.

    I had to go to the bathroom for bm and it hurt so bad to go and it was just a little hard ball and not to be too gross but totally white - I am sure from the barium I had to drink

    You would think all of that would be gone my test was this past Thursday but ever since I had the colonoscopy I have not really been able to go.

    It took me 6 days to go after the colonoscopy and that was after I finally took a laxative. I take a perscription stool softner every day due to the pain med's and so with that I normally go once every day normal or diarhea

    I am thinking when they did the colonoscopy since they had to use gas or air whatever they use to make my intestine get bigger so the could get the scope through due to the scar tissue being wrapped all the way around it and crimping it so to speak as well as twistig it some that after they took it out I am thinking it made it even go smaller as the scar tissue is probably pulling more on it now???? I don't know just trying to figure out some reason for this not being able to go

    Now I am not eating alot as I have no appetite but I am eating some and enough that I should be able to go and actually I feel like that is why I am so bloated is due to the stuff not being able to come out.

    When they did my vaginal ultrasound that is when they decided I should see a gastro dr as well - they can see some of your intestines with that.

    I am thinking you need to get that colonoscopy, as much as I hate to say that as this was my 4th and I hate it - like you said the prep is horrible

    You said your gyno thought is was something - it started with an a I can't remember what you said now but I have never heard of it??

    Well I need to get off of here but will check later to see if you have been on here.

    Oh also meant to mention with the diarhea attack you had sure sounds like IBS and I am thinking you said you do have that but I think you have something else going on like me

    Ok went back to your post and the word is adynomyosis
    Also meant to tell you I am on the pain patch 25 and percocet and is does not even touch this pain but it helps with my other pains so continue to take it

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  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I hope you rest well tonight~
    goes for me too!!

    Yea,... I have the phone # out on the counter for the Gastro. dr.
    I'll call tomorrow.

    good night :)
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    just once~
    Looking to see if Jeanie got back yet from her drs. appointment. How'd everything go?
    I hope your hanging in there~

    Hugs,luv and all that good stuff,
  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    got your post~
    Your on your way! hang in there~
    thing will get better!!
    stay in touch~
  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm sure your exactly right on this one.
    cause I can have both,and it gets confusing~
    I can start out having a hrd time going,..and when I do it is small hard ones(C) then after going say 2 times like that, all of the sudden the next movement is total diareah. Almost liquid!! and it repeats itself.
    I have alot of stomach pain and low back pain with both.
    I can feel my movements traveling down from my upper belly to lower belly,..then on out.

    Thanks for helping and offering suggestions.

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