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    McBurney's point:
    McBurney's point is the most tender area of the abdomen of patients in the early stage of appendicitis.

    McBurney's point is named after the 19th-century New York surgeon Charles McBurney (1845-1913) who was the leading authority in his day on the diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis.

    Dr. McBurney in 1889 showed that incipient appendicitis could be detected by applying pressure to a particular point in the right lower abdomen, an area he called the "seat of greatest pain."

    Five years later, Dr. McBurney described the surgical incision he made in the right lower part of the abdomen to remove the inflamed appendix. This is now referred to as "McBurney's incision."


    Dr. Starlanyl, book, has a good description of the Trigger Point, and it has caused me some much Pain, and many false trips to the ER and 3 Operations, due to the Pain.
    Starting when I was 16 years old.

    We thought it was appenditis, but everytime my Mom would take me to the ER, the Symptoms didn't line up with a real Appendix attack.

    One time, my mother, had them do a Pelvic exam on me to see if I was Pregrant, they were looking for a tubaluar one.

    Well many years down the road, 23years old. I had Explatory Surgery, and they found that I had, Tumors twisted around my appendix and ovaries.

    They were from me Surfing, down at Hunting Beach, before we went to school.
    I had some huge Brusies that my Grandmother was worried about, she said, they could turn into tumors.

    By 17 I wasn't surfing any more, but still had the pain.
    That's when the pelvic exam, (so embarassing) was done, because I had a Boyfriend, ya know.

    After they removed the Tumor's scar tissue grew there, and when I had surgery again at age 38, they remove the ovaries, and more tumors.

    But the scar tissue has grown back and that forms the Trigger Point that makes the McBurney's Point , cause me pain.

    I'm very thin also, and you can see the lump when it swells up, the IBS cause's it to inflame sometimes.
    I also have been dx with Inflammatory BD, which I think makes the 2 linked.

    10 years ago, my Friend the Massage Theraphist, had a friend work on my stomach, due to me being rather , hmm shall we say, constapated?
    She called the procuder, the Pooper Mover, and all it did was to make it swell more, and it got huge, and everyone thought I had Cancer.

    This was around the time, I had also dropped the 90lb's, and I was un-dx with either CMPD or FMS.

    When I finally got my dx, I got the book by Dr. Starlanyl, and when I came across the McBurney's Point, I about fell out of my bed.
    It explained so much of my Pain and Misery, that I had as a teen and still have to this day.
    This pain can also run down the side of your leg, it can cause pain in the pelvis area too.

    There was a Surgeon who wanted to remove the scar tissue, and I said "WHY? It'll just grow back". (Rolling my eyes here)

    There are a lot of cause's of Pain in the area of the MCBurneys point, and it's CMPD, not FMS related.

    It's formed in the Iliopsoas, piriformis, rectus abdominis, Muscle groups.
    The one that forms right at McBurneys Point, is my worst one.
    ( I call it the Junction that dosen't function) ;o)

    I hope this helps, sorry I don't get on the computer much in the early afternoon and night, that's when I sleep, lol.

    Mines hurting just thinking about it, lol, not really, I have been trying to get unpacked shall we say, without causing a Major problem.

    It dosen't take much to give me the "Big D", and I don't mean, Dallas. ;o)
    Good luck, this is one TgPr that I could live without, but haven't for years.


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    got me thinking Sharon~
    and thats a tuff thing to do!!lol

    I have alot of stomach troubles. In that area and all over really. I had my appendix out 2-3 yrs ago.(emergency)
    I have alot of pelvic pain and Endometriosis.
    so possibly adhesions are to blame for some pains.
    I'll be sure to google that point after my lovely dentist appointment I have in minutes.
    hate that too!
    Adding: I do own that trigger point therapy book by claire davies. Honestly have'nt even read alot of it so maybe theres info in there for me too?
    Thanks again~
    If I should have any other questions after I look around a bit,..I'll post back here.
    Take care,
    Tandy :)
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    I do think that the Trigger Pont book , has some information on this too.

    I am one Big Trigger point according to my Orhtopedic Dr, lol. ;o(

    I also can not wear my Dentures due to the Chronic Myofasical Pain. I tolerate the uppers when I go out, but not at home, and I hate it.

    I think a lot of people who have Pain are being mis-dx with FMS as the cause , when it's actually the CMPD, but then the FMS does make it hurt more. Plus they share some of the same Symtpoms, or do they? I think they still haven't a clue on this Combo.

    Hope your Nights a good one and no Dental Pain.
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    ah,...not to bad at the dentist~
    no fun,but could be worse.(or could it?)lol

    After drilling deep (filling) the doc. needed an x-ray just to see how deep the cavity was. Bad news,..: need a stinkin root canal!! so I got a temperary filling and they are submitting a request for a RC to my insurance.
    yea,..just what I wanna be doing huh ?
    I'm falling apart at the seams!
    I hope to search a lil bit after I get my monsters,..I mean kids to bed!!
    Hope your hanging in there :)
    Good night,
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    I had a lot of Dental work, but it didn't last because of the Meds., and the FMS.
    I had one of the front teeth, done, and a couple of years later, it broke off.
    I ended up with the Upper dentures, which were comfortable, untill 20 years later when they had to remove the Lower teeth, when they made the Dentures, I found I can not wear them.

    They also, make my Mastoidits act up, thought it was just the TMJ.

    Well I wish you luck, with gettting the request through quickly.
    Hope your Days a Good one, and Painless.

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