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  1. franners

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    I take zanaflex 4mg twice daily.. They help a little.. my muscles get so spastic so they might help you even more. I can not picture my life with out them.. I have only taken the 4mg twice for a little spell, prior was on it once daily and I can tell the difference..
    For sleep... I dunno, I am a chronic amsomniac and take 1600mg Neurontin,zanaflex 4mg, normally an ultrcet and various minerals and the newest is ambien 10mg and get only five hours uninterrupted sleep..
    Someday, I will get more...
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    This info is just in time! I'm getting myself ready for a Drs. appointment this Am. I might ask about the Zanaflex~ And/or a referral to a pain cliic or specialist~
    I'm not dealing with this pain anymore....not to this extent! Again thanks for your time :)