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    Here's some more info I found that might help:

    Guide For Using Progesterone Cream in Treating Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a serious and painful condition where the inner lining cells of the uterus become scattered to areas they don’t belong, like the fallopian tubes, outer areas of the uterus, the colon, bladder and beyond. With each monthly cycle, the hormones trigger the cells to swell and bleed. With these cells growing in the wrong areas of the body, they cause inflammation and often disabling pain.

    Symptoms begin 7 to 12 days before menstruation. The pain may be major of minor lower abdominal or pelvic pain Endometriosis is often difficult to diagnose because often x-rays, lab tests or sonograms rarely show signs of a problem.

    The cause is unclear but the problem seems to be increasing. Some speculate that pollutants and lack of nutrition in our foods may be the cause since this disease has started with the industrialized society. Excess estrogen in our bodies could be the culprit.

    Mainstream treatments are difficult and usually not very effective. A drastic, but common, treat is a complete hysterectomy, so the body will not produce the high level of hormones (possibly estrogen) that cause the tissues to swell. Pregnancy can slow down and sometimes cure the disease. During pregnancy, the body produces high levels of progesterone, which inhibits the swelling of the hormones. Some doctors prescribe progestins (drug containing unnecessary synthetics) to mimic pregnancy but often the high doses have undesirable side effects.

    Natural progesterone has been used in the treatment of endometriosis with considerable success. It has no known side effects and is identical to what the body produces, thus giving similar results as pregnancy. This treatment requires patience and time (about 4 to 6 months) however, the monthly pain gradually subsides. Endometriosis will cease at menopause when the estrogen levels in your body decreases.

    Guide For Using Progesterone Cream in Treating Endometriosis

    When you have endometriosis you want to use progesterone cream from day 8 to day 26 of your cycle to reduce the effects of estrogen, which stimulates the endometrial growth, just taking a short week off to refresh your hormone
    receptors. Your ultimate goal is to find the least dose of progesterone necessary to control endometrial stimulation.

    Use progesterone cream from day 8 to 26 to 30 (pick the day that most closely approximates the end of your normal cycle) each month, using up to an ounce (480 mg) of cream per week, or about 68 mg daily, until just before menstruation. It will take up to six months for symptoms to be controlled, and even then they may not dissipate entirely. Once outbreaks of endometriosis are more tolerable, decrease the dose to as close to two ounces a month from day 12 to end of your cycle as possible. Increase the dose again if it flares up.

    If the high dose of progesterone cream makes you sleepy, that’s an indication that you’re taking too much. Reduce the dose until the sleepiness goes away.
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    is this from that book your reading??is it the one written by Lee for menopause? If so....I need to get this one and read it!!cause I don't recall the book I read awhile ago having this much about Endo in it~ I think i'll print this(better yet)so I can refer to it as needed~
    But let me know where you found this tid bit!!!k?
    And Thank-you soooooooo much! BTW, How are you doing?
    Are you getting any closer to figuring out your hormonal Balance?did you start the cream? just curious :)