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    Indoor Tanning Dangers

    ST. LOUIS (Ivanhoe Broadcast News) -- Spring Break and summer are right around the corner. For those of us who want to get a head start, hitting the tanning salons may seem like a good idea. But new research shows just how dangerous indoor tanning can be.

    Everywhere you turn, they're tall, thin, and tan. But getting that bronzed glow can be dangerous -- even if you do it indoors. Just ask college student Heather Schulte. She tanned in a salon twice a week from the time she was 14.

    "Me and my friends would all go do together, almost like a hobby," she says. But when Schulte was just 18, doctors diagnosed her with melanoma skin cancer. "I thought tanning was better for you than the sun."

    Dermatologist Lynn Cornelius, M.D., says that's simply not the case. Today, most tanning beds only contain UVA rays -- not UVB rays, which are thought to cause burning. But new research shows UVA rays are linked to melanoma and can be more dangerous in a tanning bed.

    "The problem is that UVA exposure that is given to patients is probably five- to 10-times what you would normally experience outside," Dr. Cornelius, of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Mo., tells Ivanhoe. And a recent study shows women who visited tanning salons more than once a month were about twice as likely to develop melanoma.

    But you can get a healthy glow with airbrush tanning and creams you buy at the store.

    Schulte now uses a spray tan and is thankful surgery was all she needed to get rid of her cancer. Her advice? "Don't think it can't happen to you because it can," she says, and she hopes others will take that lesson to heart.

    Dr. Cornelius says the only concern with spray tanning products is that you don't want to inhale them. She also adds there is no safe amount of indoor tanning. Melanoma skin cancer kills more than 7,000 Americans each year.

    This article was reported by Ivanhoe.com

    If you would like more information, please contact:

    Judy Martin
    Washington University School of Medicine
    Office of Medical Public Affairs
    Campus Box 8508
    4444 Forest Park Ave.
    St. Louis, MO 63108
    (314) 286-0105
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    HA and people laugh at me when I walk around in the summer under an umbrella!

    I am glow in the dark white. I am so white if you want to study veins come see me!

    I am so glad I never bought into this fad! We just to laugh at a girl in high school, beautiful girl, but fake and bake tan that was sooooooooooo orange on her it made ya want to barf.

    I am thankful for her because I did not want to look like that!

    Great article! TYTY Brenda
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    I am like you Jane glow in the dark white and pale and always wanted a tan but just never fell for the laying out in the sun just to get red and burnt. I have burned before but it only took one time to get me to wearing sunscreen all the time. I burn if I ride in sunlight in my car my face will burn. I have two daughters one is fair like me the other one is dark like her father and I am constantly reminding her that she is my daughter and must be concerned about what the tanning beds and sun exposure can and will do to her skin. I think those people that use tanning beds to excess look like leather after a short while, and even worse they develop skin cancer.
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    I am 55, very fair skin, and have never been in the sun. I detest the sun, it has always made me sick -- I know why now -- I have lupus.

    But, anyway ... I always hated laying out in the sun like my other friends did and I am so glad that I passed up that tanning bed faze.

    I have 2 sisters-in-law who have practically lived in tanning beds. Their faces now look like shoe leather and all worn and wrinkled up. One has spots all over her face, shoulders and back from sun poisoning that she got one year.

    I would never allow my daughters to go to a tanning bed as long as they lived at home. They are both adults now and still do not go!

    I can say now that I am 55 that my skin loved me for protecting it, because I do not have one wrinkle in my face--I still have the skin of an Ivory soap baby!

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    Let me add that this article is not a scare tactic. My baby sister 10 years younger then me bought her own tanning bed around the age of 25ish... she was white fair skinned snow white beauty... she has now been fighting skin cancer (melanoma) for about 9 years or so.. every 3 months they remove a handful of suspicious moles....every couple of years when we think she is finally out of the woods one will come back as stage II and she goes back in to have it dug out deeper...she calls her quarterly mole removals her swiss cheese appointments because she feels and looks like a piece of swiss cheese when it is over.

    She is 34 now with a precious 5 year old little girl and we pray every single day that she will live to see that baby girl graduate.

    ***Mother died of cervical cancer when I was only 22...my baby sister was only 13...

    Her doctor told her when they removed that first mole and she told them not only had she been in tanning beds but that she owned one to throw the thing away or give it to an enemy!

    She threw it away.

    Please listen to this warning it is very much true!
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    heleft a four year old girl and a 6 year old boy...and the wife,,,,tom didin't ever tan...he got sunburned sometime in his life...he was fair skinned and a red head w/blue eyes....
    he probably would have lived but he didnt want to do the treatment required....he had his lumph gland removed under one arm 2 times...but it was not good enough they wanted him to do chemo/radiation...he did not want to do it that way....

    his way surley killed him...he htought he could eat proper foods like grapfruits....

    well the day before he died is when he said he would do the treatments...but it was too late cause the cancer spread to his stomach and lungs...it was sad....

    but he was a good husband and father for the time he was here on this earth a total of 37 years young....

    point is we all need to protect our selves in the sun period,,,i went to the self tanners myself now...for it doesnt cause wrinklin and i save time laying outside..

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