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  1. MandaJ

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    AuntTammie had posted a discussion a while back about how laying in a tanning bed helps her pain, but I couldn't find it. So I made a new one.

    I started today and the owner laughed when I asked to purchase bed-safe sunscreen. I explained to her why I was tanning and she said that quite a few of her patients are "medical tanners" and use the beds for the warmth and the light -- not to get a nice Spring Break tan.

    I fell asleep during my first session today, so I can't gauge if it helped or not because I have been groggy all day. But I will keep a journal to see if this is something that might be good for us FM sufferers.
  2. satchya

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    I've been tanning "for my health" for three months now. I think it helps. I go in about twice a week and am up to 12 minutes at a time. I can't go more than that or I'll burn. The days I tan I feel like I get a rush of endorphins and feel like I can do anything. I get a lot more done on those days, (but tend to pay for it the next day in increased muscle pain and fatigue, darnit). I turn the fans all the way off in the bed, and just lay there and bask in the heat. I am always freezing, so that warmth and light feels like I've died and gone to heaven.

    Plus, as an added benefit, I look healthier with a bit of a tan, and that makes me feel more confident in my workout clothes when I take classes at the gym three times a week. It's shallow, but I like the way I look with a tan ;)

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