Tansy,...any good info on vit C

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  1. tandy

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    Hi tansy~
    Hope your doing fairly well and having better days~

    Is there anything bad about taking high dose Vitamin C??
    Just wondered is all.
    Any studies your aware of as to "good' benefits?

    Is'nt it water soluble so high doses can't hurt?
    and last: Is this another vit. that can cause loose stools.?
    Just researching and wanted to know this info.
    will continue at it, but just thought I'd ask you also.
    Thanks for your continued help here!
  2. Tantallon

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    Hi Tandy,

    Vit C in really high doses over a long period of time can lead to kidney stones. I used to take 12g a day for a month, take a month off, back on it again, did this for 6 months, then dropped to a daily dose of 3g a day for the other 6 months.

    The benefits of Vit C are well documented. I got pleuracy on New Years Day, once had - never forgotten! Anyway I took 4g every hour for four hours. Went to bed and when I woke up I had no pain when I breathed.

    Vit C is my standby, especially as I smoke, so I always have a tube of 20 x 1g Vit C with me.

    Hope this helps, Sue.
  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Very good useful replys.
    I ran into a site on taking vit.C in high doses to fight off many diseases.
    Yes,..absorbic acid was the kind,..in powder form if possible. That particular site was expensive so I'm gonna look around a bit.
    and of course read up a lil more before I just jump in!
    I'm a smoker too.
    Tried to quit 2 times before without luck.or willpower maybe.?
    I too,had a bout of pleurisy one time~
    Thats horrible stuff right there!! I really had a rough go of it~ I'll never forget it either, as I had to sleep sitting up for 3 nights till the antibiotics kicked in~
    When I layed down I could not breathe at all.My chest just killed me! uuugggh~
    Once was enough for me!

    Is'nt vit.C known to aid in energy too?
    Is tablet form just as good? how do you convert grams to mgs.?
    My brain never stops! lol
    Take care :) and Thanks again!!
  4. tansy

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    The benefits of vitamin C, but there is no doubt many find it helps and some do well with high doses.

    I take 2g of a good vit c product daily, when I need an extra boost I take absorbic acid. Many years ago I had IV vit C, the temporary increase in blood volume felt like an instant tonic, but I also befitted from the vit C after that as well and the effects were accumulative. Following a course of these IV vit Cs, along with other mostly alternative treatments, I felt better than at any time before or since.

    Love, Tansy