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    Hi Tansy,

    can you give me some advice yet again please.

    I have had B12 injections, one per week, 1ml, for the past two months. I have had to get the district nurse to come inject me on more occassions than I've made it to the surgery.

    She told me today, with relish, that my doctor has advised I only get another 4 injections which is according to the 'Welsh guidelines' - I gave my doc a copy of Sarah Myhill's advice on B12.

    She advises to take it for three months to see if it helps.

    Well it does but it hasnt cured me and it's not going to. It gives me some energy for 1 day and if my doc gave me the two injections that Sarah advises, then I'd have energy for 2 days, maybe even 3.

    The District Nurses dont want to come out to me, theyve made that obvious, but surely my doctor cant withdraw the B12 because of that or because I'm not 'cured'.

    If I was to self inject, how do I go about learning how to do that?????????

    Thanks so much Tansy, yet again.

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    Hi Rosie

    I am sorry your GP does realise how helpful B12 can be. Years ago I had IM Mg injections, they helped, but because they did not cure me the GP stopped them. These Tx are documented as helping a significant % of PWME, but since it's not 100% they're often refused. B12 is not even being provided through the state funded chronic fatigue clinics in the UK.

    I know PWME who give themselves B12 injections, or get someone else to do it for them. If my hands weren't so useless I'd be doing this myself; fortunately I get benefits from sublingual methyl B12 but not increased energy.

    The haematologist I saw a few years ago told me the B12 could be used sub lingually. He and another specialist recommended B12 but my GP refused to prescribe it since my blood levels are fine.

    You will probably have to self fund more B12 but at least you know it works. Bypassing the NHS means you can go for the higher dose Sarah Myhill recommends, and use it as often as it's needed.

    love, Tansy
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