TANSY I may be getting a new Dr. from U.K. Thoughts?

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    I read many of your posts with great interest, and am often appalled at the treatment of ME patients in the U.K. due to the psychiatric slant.

    Today, I was informed by my Dr. that she is moving away at the end of July, and her replacement is a lady from Scotland. I live in British Columbia, Canada. So, I couldn't help but think of you and am wondering what I'm in for. I know I shouldn't judge her, perhaps she will turn out to be well informed about ME and we will get along just fine. Any thoughts or bits of advice? Marie
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    For Tansy, hopefully. Marie
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    Hope you don't mind me popping in. I'm from the UK & have an excellent doctor! He has never once pushed any psychiatric treatment onto me.

    He listens to and also reads any important research I find. He knows about alternative treatments & supplements & has given me the go ahead to try the Methylation Protocol.

    I don't think it's right to do a general "tar brushing" of all doctors in a country, from what you've read. I'm sure the same applies in Canada (& anywhere else) where you have a mix of good & bad doctors.

    Anyway, let us know how she turns out.
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    Hi Marie

    I think you should prepare yourself for the pscyh's version of ME/CFS and the Tx they insist work for us. However, not all doctors believe them.

    GPs especially like the idea of moving to, and working in, Canada so they can get back to practicing real medicine. I mention this because it might indicate a doctor who's tired of the restrictions here, policies aimed at scoring electoral points, and the target culture. Our health system is top heavy with administrators.

    So you might be lucky: at least you have the Canadian Guidelines to refer to and there's enough in them to use for negotiation, or as a starting point, should you need to.

    Some of our top UK researchers are, or were, based in Scotland so it's not all bad there.

    Good luck
    tc, Tansy
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    Hi Ria

    Dr Hyams moved to Canada because things became so difficult for him here. He was reported to the GMC but I am not sure about the current state fo his case. Dr Myheill is constantly having to deal with this but always ends up with "no case to answer".

    Yes we are running low on doctors to treat us; some have retired others have to be very careful due to the current climate here. It seems the psychs can get away with harming patients through their CBT and GET programmes but doctors dedicated to helping their ME/CFS patients put their careers on the line.

    tc, Tansy
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    Hi ria

    Yes that's the feedback I had on Dr Hyams too; hence my additional comment about Dr Myhill.

    I'm sure it's not all rosy in Canada either but clearly Dr Hyams believes treating patients there will be easier than it was for him in the UK and Channel Islands.

    tc, Tansy
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    Hi Ria

    I looked into consulting Dr Hyams when David Berg offered to work with a doctor to treat my coagualopathy; but I did not have the physical or financial reources. He mostly used enzymes anyway and so I felt could could use those myself and I already had some current test results.

    Knowing some of Dr Hyam's patients helped me get a good idea as to what he tested for and treated. He is well known here and often referred to by advocates/activists. Difficult not to know about him in the UK.:)

    Missed you on the chit chat board cos I ran out of steam; I often do.

    tc, Tansy
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    Interesting to read your replies. To be quite honest, I'm not really looking for a Dr. who specializes in ME/CFS, just one who won't look at me like I'm crazy when I say that's what I have. Also, I'm really only looking for someone who will realize that I am really debilitated and be quite willing to fill out my yearly disability forms for the insurance company. I don't really expect more than that from any Dr. anywhere.

    I am not doing general "tar brushing" of Drs. from anywhere specifically, although it is common knowledge that ME/CFS is not taken as seriously as it should be in the U.K. I find that most Drs. here don't take the disease seriously either, and most of them are terribly misinformed, but at least, they have recognized that I am too ill to work. I don't have the energy to teach a new Dr. that GET is not going to make me better, and could certainly make me worse.

    Canada's health care system is definitely suffering, and diabetics may not have to run around looking for a Dr. like we do, but basically, they get very poor basic care that's 30 years old. I know this because my daughter is diabetic. And, yes, she does spend a small fortune to keep herself alive. Medicare in B.C. doesn't cover insulin pumps. This is another case of not taking care of the basics for people, but paying large amounts when complications arise later in life. That is another long sad story.

    I will have to look up Dr. Hyams for interest. And, yes, I will take the Canadian Consensus Guidelines with me. Will update you. Take care all. Marie

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