?tansy...or any who can help with vitamin questions...please

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    all of my tests came back with sever vitamin/mineral deficiencies and my doc told me to start something called Juice Plus. I was somewhat skeptical b/c his wife sells it so I looked around a bit for things similar...long story short I got way too confused so I went with what he suggested for now. My thinking was he was aware of what I needed most. I got mine today and I am somewhat (more...how can taht be?)confused. the bottle says...

    (btw...do not work for have no stake just need help bringing it to my level)

    "whole food concentrates containin natural fruit (or vegtable...take 2 fr in morning/ 2 veg at nite) juice powders, fruit fibers, and food enzymes, alongwith phytonutrients and acidophilus." also says contains nothing artifical, no preservatives, synthitic colors or stabalizers.

    The nutrition facts are
    orchid blend / Garden Blend
    calories 5 / 5
    fat 0 / 0
    chol 0 / 0
    sodium 5mg / 10
    carbs 1g / 1
    fiber >1 / >1
    sugars >1 / >1
    Protein >1 / >1
    vit A 100%beta carotene 110%/ 140%
    calcium 2% / 4%
    Vit E 70% / 80%
    vit C 320% / 70%
    iron 2% / 2%
    folate 35% / 70%

    the list of ingredients is mostly veg/fruit juie powders and pulps, lipase, amyalaseprotease, cellulase, lactobacillus acidophilus, veg derived magnesium stearate

    My questin is... this seems to be pretty short on vit/minerals. does it to you...like there is no b's for instance and no magnesium (except it mentions the veg der mag sterate, is that the mag I need? dosnt say how much if it is) or potassium (both of which I am critically low in)
    I just am not sure what to think...I did take today...says to take fruit in am / veg in pm...I reversed since I work 3rd thinking ?maybe order had something to do with enery levels or something.

    I have not slept in a few days...hurting among other things so I had to take extra provigil tonite...however I do feel a fraction more alert than usuall (outside of the extra provigil) Since I was unsure about the mag/pot and he said I was critically low and this seemed not to have I did go and get me some slow-mag and potassium supplemnts as well. I took them before I left for work and then took the juice plus/provigil/ultracet when I got here.

    Any help with this would be great...I *think/pray* that by getting my vit/min levels up to par I might feel some better so I want to do the best I can.

    Also part of the reason I was unsure about the juice plus was cost $40+/month but as I looked at the health food store the price on similar products and high quality vits was about the same...

    Thanks for any input you might have
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    Hi Amy,
    One nice source of magnesium is Natural Calm, a powder that you mix with warm water and drink before bed. ( or whenever).It comes in several natural flavors. It;s calming and is absorbed well.

    It will take a while for your levels to improve no matter what you are on. You've had good advice here. Don't try to do too much too fast.

    Good Luck

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    I still am not sure how it works...I mean if these vit are so good b/c they are made from whole foods n such why don't they have more "stuff" in them? The fruits/veggies listed as ingredients have lots more "stuff" in them naturally than the vitamins do (granted I would never eat some of them...beets yuk) What is so good about them being made from whole foods...I mean besides the fact that it is not a man made chemical.

    Yes I can and do drink milk...have not started a supplemental calcium yet as my levels on it were ok and figured I needed to work on the others first.

    If I remember correctly (and I aint promising nothing) from nursing school the A and E vitamins are fat soluble and you can become toxic on them fairly easily...so wouldn't the high %'s of those in this vit eventually cause probs?

    I know that the magnesium can sometimes cause diarrhea...or so I've heard...which is why I got something called slow mag which is a time released and supposed to help with that...but oh my tonite is bad...although there has been no ibs pain just goin' (sorry tmi)...so I am wondering the juice plus has lots of fruit/veg pulps and fibers listed but only has >1g fiber which would lead you to belive it is not fiber rich...however I know for my son if he gets contipated I can give him the gerber prune/apple juice which only has like 1g fiber and it will get him going...so is there "somthing" eles ?chemically in the pulps of stuff that are natural laxatives?

    That is all I can think of at the moment...I know there was more but I CRS!!!

    Thanks for all your help
    Love and hugs

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    Hi Amy

    I had minimal success with the natural sources of vits and mins until recently, they did not provide high enough levels for me, and many needed to be converted which my body seemed unable to do. These do however work for some so as always it may be a matter of try it and see how things progress.

    When very low on essential nutrients we end up with many knock on problems because our cells and organs do have the fuel they need to function properly. In my case I had to plug away at providing that fuel and to address other factors that led to so many deficiencies. So I worked at finding the right food sources and provided my body with much higher levels of the nutrients I was consistently low on or my body needed more of if I was to make progress. With trial and error I have discovered non-dietary sources of certain nutrients are essential for me too.

    I doubt this will provide sufficient levels of the B vits or magnesium, likewise otherwise nutrients. If we became ill due to poor diet etc than this approach can certainly help, but being ill means our bodies require higher levels of many nutrients for two reasons
    1) Only small amounts are being absorbed through the GI tract or the cells are unable to utilise them correctly.
    2) Illness itself means higher levels are being used up as the body tries to repair itself, detox, kill off pathogens, or keep the ones that can be asymptomatic in others under control.

    Since health is often said to begin and end in the colon, getting our GI tracts working optimally and ensuring we have high levels of the good flora, is a good place to start. This product will certainly help with that, only time will tell whether it’s enough or whether it’s the starting point for you.

    The fewer toxins and incomlpetely digested food we absorb from the colon, the less our livers etc are being overworked so they can function better.

    Ditto the advice on enzymes and probiotics, I also would need more fibre than this to ensure healthy gut motility.

    Love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 10/16/2005]