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    Hi Tansy,
    I just received my flora balance today. I am currently taken Nature's Biotics and have worked up to 3 a day. I think I need to go much higher.

    I'm wondering how you are doing with the Flora Balance ?

    I'm not sure when I'm going to start mine, I'm a little worried about more die-off.

    Good luck to you with the F.B.

  2. tansy

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    I only started my flora balance this morning. I bought the powder because I'm treating my mouth, throat, and upper GI tract with it.

    No allergic reaction, that's a relief cos I react to so many potentially helpful things.

    They say you should start on the full dose, then cut it down later. But for a few days at least I'm starting on half the dose. When I know whether there's die off or not I will be able to judge the best time to go up to the full one.

    It tastes ok though so that's good.

    My other probiotics are doing their job and my gut's much better since adding colustrum but at low dose, higher than that and I have problems, I'm milk allergic as against just lactose intolerant.

    Tried some powdered colustrum, not good. My teeth hurt like hell then this happened all the way down to my stomach, the nausea was awful. So my son has that now, he's ok with small amounts of milk.

    Hope the natures biotics are working.

    Did some extensive research on probiotics. What a minefield!

    Good luck



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