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    You may remember I was selected for his research study.

    I went for the MRI scans (the first of two parts) and nothing has happened since. That was in February!!

    I have been communicating with him via email and he is having major problems raising funds to do the genetic testing alongside Dr Kerr's study which was supposed to have been the second part of the research trial.

    It sounds like he is about ready to give up on this due to lack of funds. I begged him not to and that some GENUINE organisations may help fund the research.

    It's so important that he manages to complete this study for all of us.

    What organisations (clearly not psychobabble types/AFME etc) might I suggest he try for more funding so he can continue his valuable work?

    Love Bunchy x
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    bumping this to the first page for Tansy
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    Hi bunchy

    AfME do not fund research anymore despite having the highest level of funding of all the patient organisations; they receive tax payers money for their part in the PACE trial though.

    Personally I would go for approaching the ME Association and ME Research UK (used to be known as MERGE) first. Dr Kerr was turned down for funding by the MRC whilst the psychobabblers have their work funded. However, it might still be worth Prof Puri applying since a growing number of MPs want biomedical research funded and they are aware of the MRC's bias.

    Would you inform your MP, the Secretary of State for Health, the shadow health secretary, and Lib Dem spokesperson on health that Prof Puri cannot obtain funding.

    tc, Tansy
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  4. Bunchy

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    I'll suggest that to Prof Puri.

    I copied your post into word (as I keep losing track of the posts at the moment with the new board finding its feet) and I will do what you said re my MP etc.

    Thanks for your continued support and all your efforts.

    Love Bunchy x

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