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    We had talked about a week ago in a post about the HG diet that you do...I was a little confused as to what you eat and not eat...

    Sorry my mind is failing..LOL

    I think the things you talked about would really help me...I did a search on the diet and had no luck finding things...

    I think I am sulfite sensitive too...so it makes it hard for me to eat any fruits...I don't do well with fuits either...

    I know you said no dairy...Do you not eat eggs either?? And do you use olive oil? I think the brown rice does not agree with me either...I am starting to think it is the starch thing...

    I am going to pick up some quinoa and try that...What about chickapeas??? Or black beans??

    I really have a hard time with breakfast...The rest of the day is ok with just having a little meat with some raw veggies...

    I am really battling yeast...I just started a new probiotic today...I was taking Threelac since last Dec. I thought it would be a good time to switch for a little while...The one I got is called Florabiotic 16...IT is a powder and the only other ingredient is rice starch..Which I am worried about but I am going to try it for a week and see how it goes...

    I don't do well with any preservatives or additives of any kind...So pills are out for me...

    So I have a million questions...but I am just trying to figure this all out..


  2. SherylD

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  3. tansy

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    Guidelines on the Hunter Gatherer diet can be found at

    Starches don’t suit me. I started on just animal protein and lots of low carb veg (grown above the ground) then began adding other foods in on a trial and error basis. This is similar to the diet Matn used to get well, so click on her board name to find the info she posted.

    I do not eat soya but I now eat some legumes. I also eat fruit and nuts, but avoided them at the beginning. I did not start the quinoa for a while, but it seems to suit me better than grains.

    I use olive oil and take fish oil. Omega 6 makes the inflammation worse for me, and it can be a problem in coagulopathies, so I keep my intake relatively low.

    Yes I too had problems with sulphur, molybdenum helped with that. There are posts here discussing molybdenum and an excellent but long article by Professior Malcolm Hooper on MCS which includes info on problems with sulphur metabolism and his recommendation to take molybdenum. I started on a very low dose. Molybdenum is said to help with die off from candida. Prof Hooper’s article can be read at http://www.ei-resource.org/articles/gulfwar-art01.asp, it has other info that might interest you.

    I thought my response to onions, garlic etc, were signs of candida die off; once the molybdenum helped with suphur metabolism those symptoms went away. I can now eat moderate amounts of garlic and onions.

    To treat candida I used a range of herbs and various probiotics; candida does not seem to affect me so much these days. Now I take Sedona Labs’ iflora and l-sporogenes, which is one of the strains in three lac. Three lac made me constipated so I had to stop using it; sporogenes is cheap here in the UK. I still take digestive enzymes with my food.

    Hope the info in those articles helps. Major dietary changes are difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it you will find food shopping and meal preparation easy and quick.

    TC, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 07/30/2006]
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    Thanks so much for all the great articles...

    The funny thing is..That is really how I have been eating lately..I have been working at this now since Dec. and it has taken me a long time to figure out just the few things that I have figured out..

    I wish I could just get it the rest of the way...LOL

    It's the supplement thing that throws me...I never know what to take and what I will be able to handle..I am so senstitive to things...

    Right now I am just taking probiotic...a barley greens...cal./mag./pot....and claritin cuz I get terrible itching..

    I have done alot of reading on a site that is for MSG...The things they do are really similiar to what we do. It's funny how things can be different yet the same..

    What do you do about salt...This something I am really confused about...I try to go without it...And I feel better for a little while...my pain seems to be better but then I start to not feel so good..dizzy and lightheaded...And I crave salt soooo bad...So I will eat more salt some symptoms feel better while other things get worse..I feel like it's a no win thing..

    I am using a canning salt with nothing else added..I don't hardly use any...I don't cook with anything anymore, I let everyone add it when they eat it..

    My downfall right now is lays chips...I crave the salt really bad..I know they are terrible for me and they are not helping the way I feel right now...but sometimes they make me feel better..

    The other thing that I don't think agrees with me are tomatoes...I am just going to have to stay away from them..

    So for right now I am eating mostly meat...and lots of green veggies...cukes, celery, romaine, spinach, cilantro and green peppers...

    What do you put on your salads??? right now I am putting organic lemon juice and olive oil...But from what I have just read I shouldn't be using the lemon..it all gets confusing..

    Sorry for all the questions...and thanks for all you help!!

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    Me again..

    I was reading some of Mant post...I have read some of her stuff in the past..That is why I started not using salt on my food when I cook it..

    Anyways...She says she did it without any supplements...I was already thinking of just trying to do the probiotic and a digestive enzyme...and cutting out all the other stuff...I think I would feel better..

    I think they all just get built up in my body...I will feel good for a few days and that is it..

    But without a calcium supplement and not having any dairy how do you get enough calcium...I know I need that my nails and hair are terrible..I guess brocolli is high in calcium?

    Sorry to keep bothering you...but my mind is turning..LOL
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    Hi Sheryl

    I’m not surprised your mind is turning, information overload is difficult for anyone, more so in these DDs.

    IMHO staying away from any supps in the beginning is a good idea; I’m basing this opinion on what you have written here. Sticking to probiotics and digestive enzymes should help with gut issues, if the GI tract is healthy and functioning properly, it can enhance immunity and help lower toxin levels.

    Calcium in green veg is more bioavailable when it’s cooked; so I eat broccoli both raw and lighly cooked. Until I’d been on vit D, then boron, Ca supps caused me problems. Now I take sea calcium sourced from a sea veg, which contains trace minerals too, and that’s worked well in my case.

    Salt can be a problem for me, hence my concerns when posters are told symptoms triggered by increased salt intake are herxing etc. A few years ago increasing my salt intake, with vit C, was disastrous. I do consume small amounts of natural salt, and increase my intake during hot weather. Recuperation suits me but the sodium in Recup comes in a different form. This heatwave brought about problems with cramps etc, so I increased my intake of all electrolytes, I feel I need to keep them balanced.

    Good luck.
    TC, Tansy

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