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    Thanks for your insight into the great harm that humans like Wessely et al have caused. The unsolicited pain and suffering the have inflicted has spread like a cancer.
    However could the tide be turning ? Do you believe they are soon to become marginalised as more and more scientific facts emerge ? Can they continue to defend the indefensible ? The truth will always out, but sadly, not always when we want it to.

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    Hi Mark

    with all that's now known about ME/CFS one would naturally expect a change in how this illness is percieved. Unfortunately the Labour party is so hell bent on reducing the number on sickness and disablility benefits that the govt prefers to ignore the facts in it's persuit of gaining popularity.

    A thought provoking article on the link with reducing the number receiving benefits and how chronic illness is now percieved can be read at

    The truth will always out in the end but it will take a long time if we just sit back and hope that day will come sooner rather than later.

    The second stage of two judicial reviews of the NICE guidelines take place soon; if they are objective and decide in our favour then this might offer us another opportunity to bring about shift in the way ME/CFS is defined and policies on Tx. Please don't expect AfME to use this opportunity since they consider both judicial reviews as silly; vested interests coming into play again.

    I find advocating when I can is a good way of channelling my anger; and it's not been a waste of my valuable time and energy.

    tc, Tansy
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