Targeted Transfer Factors

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    Just wanted to let some of the newbies (or remind others) that the targeted transfer factors do help some with CFS.

    Rich Carson who started this site takes them. And me :)

    I don't know the others cause they are sold through doctors offices.

    However a couple are sold here. They don't print what they target cause of the Big Brother (FDA) looking over our shoulder. Prohealth used to sell quite a few more but the FDA closed one of the manufacturers.

    How do you know what to look for. It is best to get tested for EBV, HHV6 and CMV. Then if you are positive, you can call Prohealth's 800 and they will tell you which one targets that.

    Ok, I will tell you TF100 is for EBV and CMV ($50) and TF 200 is for HHV6 A&B and CMV. ($53)

    I wouldn't be walking today if I had not had them. i have a pretty severe case.

    Which ones do I take. I used to take the ones that are no longer here so I have to get mine from Chisholm Biological Lab.(803) 663-9618) I take #2 for CFS and #9 for mycoplasms. These are not cheap. $160 a bottle. I vary how I take them (the immune system needs to be kept guessing). I take the equivilant of .5 bottle of each a month. That keeps the cost in half for me.



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