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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msSusan, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. msSusan

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    Has anyone tried tart cherries for FM muscle pain and sleep issues? What dosage did you use to get results?

    TheRoadBack Program has supplement called BodyCalm in which tart cherries are used. Program is supposed to help you wean off meds like benzo's, AD's and sleep meds.

    I'm having major sleep and muscle pain issues which don't respond to usual supplements or I have intolerence to supplement. Like magnesium, fish oil, vit. D3.

    I've become intolerent to soma, flexeril and zanaflex for sleep. I started Valium(for headaches and sleep) but am VERY groggy even at low dose (5mg). I also seem to be having mood/depression(?) issues which I'm really concerned about. I possibly had more daytime anxiety when I tried to lower my nighttime dose to 2.5mg. I also did not sleep well on the lower dose.

    Also get very groggy on gabapentin/neurontin.
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  2. msSusan

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    I seem to get more achiness/inflammation on good quality supps. even at low doses.

    Inositol caused my 24/7 headaches to get worse and melatonin doesn't help with sleep. Most AD's and amino acids supps. make my headaches worse, cause to much detox/herx pain or more "feeling" of inflammation.
  3. dannybex

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    Have you been checked for leaky guy (intestinal permeability) or had a CDSA test to check for bacterial imbalances? That may be why you react to so many supplements or foods...

    Just a suggestion. :)


    p.s. I've noticed the roadback site, as I'm currently attempting to taper off of clonazepam (using the valium tapering method from Professor Ashton). It's been hell, but it seems like my doc started me on too low of a tapering dose.

    Ashton says that sometimes supps can make withdrawal worse, but then other sites say they can help. I haven't tried tart cherry yet, but just may...

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