Task force seeks input on Lyme disease

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    I'm in Illinois but I'm writing them anyway! We Lymies should flood them with mail.



    "It is time for Lyme disease patients to be heard.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Health established a Commonwealth Lyme Disease Task Force in 2007 to examine issues and draft recommendations regarding Lyme disease. It was decided feedback from Lyme disease patients is needed. NYPenn Lyme Disease Support Group received notification this task force will host a public hearing from 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Keystone Building, Hearing Room 1, on Forster Street and Commonwealth Avenue in Harrisburg, Pa. Everyone is welcome; there will be question-and- answer sessions.

    They recognize how important it is to receive a wide range of feedback and realize it would be impossible for many Lyme sufferers to attend. Therefore, letters explaining experiences with tick-borne diseases will be accepted through Jan. 31.

    Please send to Dr. James Rankin, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Room 933, 7th and Forster Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120 or fax to (717) 772-6975.

    Questions may be directed to Dr. James Rankin by telephone at (717) 787-3350.

    Lyme disease is quickly becoming a serious health problem in Pennsylvania (and nationally). If you choose to remain silent or think you need to do nothing because someone else will, the Department of Health could believe it is no big deal and may drop the issue.

    Linda Wales

    Co-leader, NYPenn LDSG

    Millerton, PA"
  2. victoria

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    if they'll pay any attention to out of state letters?

    State (and federal) officials can be pretty myopic...
  3. munch1958

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    Other than the tick bite I had in 2001, I don't know where I picked it up or how many strains I have. Since I was on 2 camping trips 3 weeks apart I don't even know for sure if I got the bite in IN or IL. What's the incubation period?

    PA and NY are two of the states where I've visited, gone hiking, camping etc. Maybe I got more than just souvenirs at the tourist shop!

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