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    hi gang; i shared on another post but I wanted to up it out there for all to see. my mother in alaw is dying and almost gone and I spend every day with her. Now my mom is diagnosed with bowel cancer and Im her caregiver. Surgery is Oct 12. So This care giving has been going on for months so now I want to treat me. I went out a got a tatoo. yesterday. It hurt like F>>>>>>>k. I shook my head and sadi waht am I doing. It turned out so wonderfu. It was a way of getting out the emotional pain with a physcial pain instead. my daughter love in and wants to same mother daughter taoo and she is going to add 2 dragon flies for the twins. so cute. I nant wait. If you all want to look in my profile you will see the picture of my tatoo. I hope you like it. Remember it really hurts. The artist is in Aurora on Yonge street called Fat CAts.So that me for , Crazy. Lol. Dont foregt to go into my profile dn see what I think I love the feedback.
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    I change my mind way to much to make something permanent plus the hurting thing. I am a weinee! But you are brave and you should do what makes you feel good. The fairy is really pretty one of the nicest I have seen. Take Care Lynn
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    Oh, I'll bet that did hurt! How long did it take? It is pretty...very "Neverland-like."

    You have a lot on your plate right now, and I'm glad you could do something that brought you pleasure. Keep us informed on the health of your mother-in-law and mother. It is a hard time.

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    yes it hurt alot. I was so glad when it was over. There is so much detail and shadding so it too alot of ink and pens. It took almost 2 hours. she is a quick artist adn you want quick yet efficient as it hurts. thanks for your compliments.
  5. JLH

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    It's really pretty! I can't imagine the pain, though! I personally don't care for tattoos (for me), so even though we share the same birthday (!), I don't think I will be getting a matching one any time soon!!!!! LOL

    I do like the ones in all colored ink vs. the ones in all dark ink!!

    That's a neat idea about your daughter getting one like yours and adding two butterflies to hers for her twins!!

    You'll have to take a picture of both of yours together and show us when you daughter has hers done!!

    I'm praying for your Mom and MIL. Hang in there taking care of them.


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    That is an incredible tattoo! I'm sure you are really proud of it.

    I found it interesting that you said the physical pain helped you get out some of the emotional pain you were going through. Gives me a different perspective on things.

    Will keep you in my prayers and please let us know how things go for you, ok? BTW, I LOVE dragonflies, and if I were to ever get a tattoo, it would be a dragonfly! So, good for your daughter adding those for her children!

    Take care. PG
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    I wouldnt have one myself but my closest friend has a piercing/tatoo studio. Her husband has just had his head tatooed - ouch, says it wasnt as painful as the work he is getting on his back.

    I'm sorry about your Mum and Mum in Law, this is a very sad and stressful time for you. A treat is always nice.

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    How big is it? How long did it take? The closest I ever came to a tatoo was one of those temporary ones when on vacation down in Cabo. It was on my ankle and I have to say I loved it. It stayed for about 2 weeks with careful washing.

    So sorry to hear about your family troubles. I will say a prayer for you.
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    i am a shakespheare nut titania was the first thing that popped in my head. the fairy queen from midsummer nights dream.
    i have a tattoo and so understand the pain but its a different sort of pain i think,mine is on my arm,you could see baaaarmy on some of my wedding pics, where is yours?

    two hours sitting in one position i reckon that hurt more than the tat right?

    i called my hubby through to see yours, he has a 'fairy' scene on his back. he wanted one done to depict the kids but i said not too close to the kids.
    they are both up in a tree bare foot,the boy is like an imp and the girl has wings and a floral head dress.
    and on his arm he got a koi carp done. all of our tatoos so far have been custom work by a local guy.

    i like the sound of two dragon flies around the fairy (can i call her titania?)

    im sorry to hear about your family,you work too dont you?

    i dont blame you for kicking back and doing something just for you. i would have gone the whole hog and got bladdered on whiskey!

    take care poodle mom.
  10. Ridge-Runner

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    One of my interests,Funny how different subjects come up here. Just talked to my Tattoo Artist Yesterday,he's been on a artistic vacation of sorts. I was getting work done almost every week last year,I'm working on a full (Japanese Style) shirt.
    I felt much better most of last year,have been wondering if the weekly endorphin rush was helping my overall pain etc.

    I'm supposed to start getting more work done in a couple weeks, will post back on how I feel afterwards.

    Did you feel any better after your Tattoo? I know they hurt, just wondering how the endorphins might effect our dd's.

    I'm not endorsing hurting yourself to feel better,just curious about the after effects of getting tattooed.

  11. fairyborn

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    Very pretty tat.
  12. Alyndra

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    It's a very nice piece you had done! It's something to be proud of. And the fact that it holds a personal meaning to you, it'll never be 'just a tattoo'.

    There's nothing crazy about it! I've had a little over 72 hours of ink done myself, and I could probably list 72 different reasons why each one has a meaning to me!

    Careful though! People aren't lying when they say tattoo's are addictive. Next thing you know, your pixie will have an entire family! ;)
  13. Dee50

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    Very fine tatoo.
    I have two tatoo's. Both angels one on each outer calf each is about 4 inches high and about 2 1/2 inches wide~both with very large wings.
    Praying for your Mother in law and Mom.