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    Thank you all for answering my post from last night.
    Tattoo---which side of town do you live on?
    Finnigan---i live on the east side--i have only been here a few months, but here are some of the streets that i know---broadway, speedway, 22nd, old spanish trail, gulflinks----then---haughton, pantano, camino seco, wilmont, kolb, harrison, and probably just a few others--but i know how to get to all of these----and i have been to mt lemmon--then last wkend my friend took me over the the side of the mountains where the big A is.
    She lived all over in Arizona for around 20 years and then moved to Indiana for 9 years. She lived behind me in In and she moved here a year ago.
    We moved here a few months ago because of the dry climate--hoping it will help the fibro and arthritis.
    Packman--I have never been to Green Valley, but I keep seeing the name.
    I have an appt with a Dr Pedro Escabar the end of March--he is a physiatrist--he specializes with fibro----i had the best rheumatologist in Indiana that I really miss and I don't think that I will be able to replace him. I may just have to fly back to In just to see him. Hopefully, with the Fibro Network beign in Tucson----I will find some great doctors. Thanks again---
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    Sorry it took me so long to reply to this- I don't get on here every day & I must have missed this post! I live on the NW side of town, over by Tucson Mall. I go to my dr tomorrow - am hesitant to recommend him as he is so busy it always means a long wait whenever I go & sometimes he is just overworked & stressed when I see him & I feel guilty for taking his time. He got upset w/me because I complained that the FM exam of the tender pts leaves me so sore that I do not want it done every time I go in. I do hear that the Dr's that deal w/mostly chronic pain patients feel helpless & guilty as they can't 'cure' us - so maybe his day just got to him. Let me know though if you have had any luck finding a Dr. here in town.