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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ayhatch, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. ayhatch

    ayhatch New Member

    It seems my last two posts have dissappeared... I asked about anyone who got tattoos with FM. I'm thinking about it, but don't know if it will be painful.
    I know two of you replied already, but I can't find the string. Could you please post again?
  2. clerty

    clerty New Member


    Would you honesly put yourself through that? you are very brave if you do good luck !!!!

  3. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    Since metal toxicity is A cause of CFS and FM, I wouldn't do it.

    It opens the skin to infection for awhile. Besides, smiles look greater than tatoos anyday...just my opinion there.
  4. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    They will leave you open to possible infection, and the red dye has mercury in it. Marie
  5. katvwolf

    katvwolf New Member

    I got the first ten years ago and the second eight years ago. I made sure not to get them on a trigger point, knot or a bad area, and yes, they hurt while they were being done. They didn't cause me any difficulties after the normal healing time, and I can't say they made my FM worse in any way. If anything, the pain while I was getting my tattoos help distract me from some of my other pains!

    It is a personal choice to get a tattoo, and I was happy to get mine. I drew my first tattoo in memory of my grandmother and it is sentimental to me. I'm sure there are those who will lecture me about getting them, but it is not a decision I'll ever regret. I am also very much into art, so for me, a tattoo is another work of art.


  6. clerty

    clerty New Member

    yes you have a lot of spirit I can see that I am not into tattoos but good for you I could not stand the pain!!!
  7. lmlynley

    lmlynley New Member

    I've had severe Fibromyalgia for 13 years and got my first tattoo 8 months ago. I got a Phoenix that covers much of the surface area of my upper left thigh. It took two sittings (a total of 5* hours).

    It hurts - a lot! However, it had, for me, an oddly euphoric, almost erotic quality. I think it has something to do with the fact that not only did I have control over the pain (in that I Chose to endure it), but something uniquely beautiful results from the process.

    Not only would I do it again but am saving up for my next one (mine cost approximately $500.00). Tattoos are incredibly intimate pieces of art that stay with one throughout ones life. I am only sorry that I waited until my 46th birthday to get it!

    If you can take the pain then go for it! Fibromyalgia is certainly good practise for dealing with the pain of the needle.
  8. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    A tattoist once told me that the 2 things you didn't worried about when you got a tattoo was the pain or the money.

    It's gonna hurt and it's gonna cost you.

    It's such a personal choice and in many ways getting a tattoo (or the right tattoo for you) is a spirital journey.

    If it's something you need to do then you should do it.

    As for FM I can't comment. I have CFS and have had two tattoos (of course they hurt but I went back for more & have more planned) No long term ill effects.
  9. lookingoutthewindow

    lookingoutthewindow New Member

    I just got my 4th tat a couple of months ago. I was in so much pain that day. I went to the tattoo parlor at lunch break and got an infinity symbol put on the under side of my wrist. It was distracting from the pain I was in. I think it actually help me pull out of a bad place.
  10. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Sorry, I'm too old for tatoos. If I did one, it'd have to be on my bottom. It's the only place I don't have wrinkles yet. I'd imagine wrinkles would make it harder to do the tatoo. LOL!
    Best of luck...
  11. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

    One before having FM, and the second after getting FM.

    I don't regret it, and really as long as I watched them do it, it didn't hurt as much.

    I plan on getting another one, it's going to be a dragonfly my son drew for me that has all of my kids' initials in it, but done in such a way that they look like part of the wings.

    He plans to become a Tattoo artist, so I am waiting for him to get his license for it, and he'll be the one putting it on me.
    He's a very good artist now, and he's only 15.
  12. Tkoi

    Tkoi New Member

    Most people, when they get tatoos, never think at the time they will ever change their thinking. The music you listen to, attitude about life in general, and aging(weight gain or weight loss, wrinkles)all of these things and more affect your decison to have a tatoo. When you're 18 and full of yourself, you rarely ever think that in the future you'll want a job that makes more money. One that requires that you don't look like a gang banger, a prison inmate, an Outlaw biker, a heavy metal/satanist, or a Japanese Yakuza. Now, a military tat or two is usually acceptable. A lady with a flower, butterfly, a heart etc.( not too big) is usually acceptable also. I have known too many people over the years, both male and female, that deeply regreted having tatoos. They are permanent. If you gain weight they stretch and distort, if you lose weight they hang and look wrinkley, and as years go by they fade. No matter, you're stuck with them. If you try to remove them you're left with horrible scarring. One young woman I knew had quite a few tats and she fell in love with a Doctor. She had worked as a carnie for a few years, it was where she had picked up her tats. She had begun to realize how inappropriate her tats were. She was going to pool parties in longsleave blouses in the middle of summer in Florida!!
    She decided to have some of them removed. It left her horribly scarred. It would have been better to leave them alone.
    Make sure in your own mind that you are willing to live with them the rest of your life. That you won't be embarrassed for your children or grandchildren to see them on you. One of the things that is certain in life is change.
  13. lmlynley

    lmlynley New Member

    Wow! That's a whole lot of stereotyping going on!

    I am 46 years old, a classical violinist, have read nearly the whole of the western classic literature cannon, and mix with people from all classes and cultures. It is true that those who judge so harshly may look down upon those with tatoos but personally I wouldn't want to associate with people like that.

    If one gains a huge amount of weight, it is best for their overall health to lose it. If much weight is lost, unless it is lost too quickly it should not have any serious effect on the tatoo.

    Dame Helen Mirren, this year's Oscar winner, has a tatoo which she proudly shows off. Angelina Jolie, one of the sexiest women alive and UN Ambassador has numerous tatoos.

    Tatoos are 21st century art masterpieces (if done well). Wear them proudly!
  14. tubbyjrt

    tubbyjrt New Member

    I wasn't diagnosed with FM/CFS until this past January, but have known for some time that I most likely had it. That being said...I had two tattoos done last year with no adverse effects. The only problem I had was staying in the same position for such a long time to have them done (on separate days, of course). It really wasn't that painful, although the one I got on the top of my right foot was a little more uncomfortable than the one I got on my left ankle. If you will just care for it exactly as the tattoo artist instructs I think you would be fine. If you do decide to have one done let me make a suggestion...first, go home and put an ice pack on the tattoo because it helps to set the ink (and helps with the discomfort afterward. Second,use Burts Bees Hand Salve on it to keep it super moisturized. I used the salve several times a day and my tattoos look great.
    As far as I'm concerned tattoo on!
  15. blueski31717

    blueski31717 New Member

    I agree with Imlynley. My son has 23 tats he is 28 years old. For him it is a form of expression.

    My son does have a comprehension problem and reading problem so a brain surgen he will never be but----he is no gang banger nor is he a mass murderer. My son is a very gentle person who would give the shirt off his back if you needed it and it is shamefull just because he has tats someone would think he was a horrible person.

    We talked in length about how people percieve him and we have come to the conclusion if you don't want to look-don't. If you don't want to be his friend just because of the way he looks--don't.

    as the saying goes -judge not lest ye be judged..

    Anyway I myself have one, my 17 year old daughter has a nautical emblem on back of her neck and yes I plan to get the same on my neck. Will it hurt? probably but hey I already hurt.

    Will people judge me? probably but so what-- I do not live for them and they do not pay my bills.

    So good luck if you decide to get one.
  16. lmlynley

    lmlynley New Member

    I think it is fantastic that you have such an open attitude toward people. You know, if we all took the time to look beyond our own prejudices we could really expand our horizons.
  17. tkslave

    tkslave New Member

    I have 3 tats and want more. My artist is also my friend, I trust him with my life. Yes they hurt, but like others have said they distract you from your every day pain. If you feel you can sit through the time it takes do it. As for the person who is sterotyping Bikers aren't all bad people, I know some personally since I was in a club before needing back surgery and can no longer ride. If you have not taken the time to know people just because of how they appear on the outside you are missing out on some of the most amazing friends you could ever have!
    ayhatch, if you truly want tats don't let others discourage you from getting them ,it is your body express your self all you want, you can always put them were no one else can see them. Lisa
  18. janie056

    janie056 New Member

    Yep they hurt a bit when you get them done, but it is personal preference. I had my first one when I was 18years old.
    Funny thing I worked as an Insurance underwriter for 25 years, and more than half of the people I worked with had one or two, and never hid them.
    If someone is going to judge me for having a tattoo, then this is a person I would not really need in my life anyway.
    I just had another on my back and love it! Will be getting more in the spring.
    I'm sure this will be edited as most of my posts seem to be lately, don't know why, maybe it's the tattoos...LOL

    Love ya,
  19. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    a lady teller at our bank has a tattoo an it grows every year in full view and people except it. She has a rose on her hand and every year on her wedding anneversary she goes and gets a leaf added to it and every five years a rose bud she has been married 25 years and it is very tasteful and touching to see her add the years on. it is now almost to her elbow.

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