TAUROX anyone tried it.

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  1. karebear70

    karebear70 New Member

    In the immune support catalog there is a product called taurox. Has anyone had any improvement with it? I am paranoid about taking just anything as i have a heart condition and high BP. Reg docs don't know what this stuff is. Any postive or Neg affects to anyone?
  2. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I have seen this mentioned before. Have you tried doing a title search?
  3. karebear70

    karebear70 New Member

    I have it in the supplement catalog, it gives info about it but i wanted to see if anyone had any personal experience with it before i shelled out MORE money again.
  4. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Hi Karen,

    I have two autoimmune disorders and have to be careful too. I take it off and on. I'll take it when the fatigue is really bad. Homeopathics if they are working will worsen the sysmptoms at first and then often you see improvement. Because it worns you about autoimmune disorders, I called and asked questions first. They were very helpful and understanding. They recommended I buy the weaker remedy and take less than what is recommended. It has improved my symptoms overall. But here's what you really need to do and for everyone who has CFS/FM.

    The thing that has helped my fatigue the most is DETOXING!!! And I just had my second appointment with a new GP and guess what he wants me to do?? Detox!!! He and many more doctors feel that the reason people are getting so sick these days is because their bodies are too toxic. They are just now figuring this out!! And everything I have read the last 8 years about CFS/FM leads to toxicity. I was shocked that this is what he suggested I do because in the back of my mind for the last 8 years this is what I thought was wrong with me and everyone who has CFS/FM. I've been fighting fatigue for a long time and I thought it was because of my autoimmune disorders and then after reading books about detoxing, I felt this could be the problem but never had a doctor even come close to talking with me about detoxing. They would look at me like I'm weird or something. But now that I have a really good doctor (by reputation at least ) and this is what he thinks is wrong with me, well, I feel relieved!! I couldn't agree with him more!!! I've known this all along, but had no support by someone educated more than myself. He's a Harvard Medical graduate, so there ya go.

    If anyone wants to know more about what I will be doing(his protocol), I'll be glad to share. I've answered posts that included the words "you need to detox, not take more meds", but I think it makes people upset and that's not what I want to do, but I don't want to waste my time if noone is interesed in listening!

    Be careful with whatever you do and go slowly. LOL

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  5. karebear70

    karebear70 New Member

    I ended up with cfs after getting infected with LYme disease, i got in in october of 2004. the lyme bacteria are gone due to doxycycline, but i could never recover, i was told by my infectious disesases doctor that sometimes an infection (mine was lyme) will put the immune system in an abnormal state. I know why i have cfs. which does help a little. the immune system shuts off after its done fighting something off, but strangely sometimes it doesn't it just remains turned on...thats the reason for the 'sick' feeling, i don't really have a bug, but my immune system just keeps revving. There is no way to fix this. The weakness and fatigue keep me home most of the time, if i could even just get SOME improvement i would be greatful. I get 'brain dysfunction' too, like a sensory overload, even if i'm just home! my house is pretty quiet.
    There are so many reasons why someone could have this syndrome. Finding out why i think helps to at least start trying certain things. I wanted to see a holistic doctor, he has a good rep. but doesn't take insurance. Since i'm not working i can't afford to pay out of pocket, which is really a shame.
  6. karebear70

    karebear70 New Member

    How exactly does one detox? I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I have seen plenty of products but still am so paranoid! i dont' know what this stuff is, and my doctor is sooo allopathic. I tried Dr. Teitlbaums 'fatigued to fantastic' energy revitalizaton supplement, and it is so incrediably horrid, i would just gag on it. it didn't seem to do anything anyway.
  7. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    There are so many books out there on detoxing and cleansing. First of all, I would try to eat organic whenever possible to help reduce the intake of pesticides, etc. I did a lot of juicing in the past and am going to try it again. It's hard for me cause I am a insulin dependent juvenile diabetic, but it's not impossible, just hard.

    I bought and highly recommend a book by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland. It's called "The 28 day Rejuvenation Diet". It has a chapter about CFS/FM. The diet is basically a very low allergy diet to help out bodies detox. When we have reactions to food (and we don't even know it's happening) our cells become unhealthy and toxic, so this allows our body to detoxify. You can't have wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar and eggs. It sounds really difficult, but actually, it's not that hard. I would eat rice based products, lots of nuts and seeds, raw trail mixes, etc. You have to be good at reading food labels. I did this for almost 3 months and felt really good. My acupuncturist saw the difference when she would check my pulses and had asked me what I was doing differently.

    That brings me to my next suggestion. In addition to cleansing you might try a good acupuncturist. My acu. is trying to balance my immune system because it too, is very unbalanced and over reactive. Find a good one who is preferrably Chinese and has been doing it for a long time.

    Good luck and hang in there!! Hugs


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