Tea, anyone?

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  1. sarahfemme

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    I am a tea fan and drink it with the same passion that dedicated wine connosieurs drnk wine. I love the language of tea-anyone fancy a first-flush estate Darjeeling or an especially Fine Tippy Oolong? All that aside, I'm writing to ask if anyone else drinks pu-errh tea. It is a tea that is fermented and aged from China by a process that is still a state secret. It is supposed to be extremely good for autoimmune disorders and also as a general tonic and cleansing agent. It tastes VERY different from Lipton, lol, but I love the earthy pungency. I suspect for most it would have to be a cultivated taste. But I thought Id ask...there might be some of y'all who are acquainted with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  2. healing

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    where do you get it? I'm a coffee addict and a tea afficianado (sp?) and I'd happily drink this stuff (which I suspect is pricey) if it'd help!
  3. Shirl

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    Drinker here, is the name of it; Pu-errh? I am not sure what you said there (fibro fog??).

    I like black, very strong tea. Can't deal with the green teas, tried a dozen of them and they are just too mild for my taste.

    Where do you buy it? Will give it a try.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Lox

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    I love tea, though I love coffee more, especially now I have cut down to 2 cups of a morning!

    My partner worked in China a little while back for 2 years on a mine site there. He bought home a couple of tins of Chinese tea and if I could read Chinese I could tell you what they are haha

    I haven't tried them and probably won't, they look like someone has just pruned the shrubery and placed it in a beautiful tin, though their aroma is rather sweet and earthy lol


    Lauren :)
  5. healing

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    White tea is very mild but high in antioxidants. If you find green tea tasting like warm water, then you won't care for white tea.

    I love those teas that look like sticks and twigs. I find if you steep them a long time, they are positively wonderful.

    Still hoping to hear what that other stuff....pu-errh....is.
  6. epicurean

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    I love tea,but have a hard time finding any good tea that dose not contain caffeine.Any suggestions??Thanks
  7. tansy

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    I live in the UK. Here most major food companies that sell tea offer at least one decaf blend, Jacksons are a big name and they too offer decaf versions. Most supermarket chains also sell own brand decaf tea.

    Hope you manage to find some.


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