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    Hello Teach,
    Was already taking Doxepin,(Depression) Soma (muscle relaxer, which is all I have taken for 5-6 yrs. Bad expieriences w/ Dr.'s and thought that was all I could expect.

    Found this Site 4 months ago and have been doing research.
    Went my Gp, who is very good at working with me, and gave her my report.

    She said it made sense to her, and we agreed on meds, Which are: Neurontin-300mg 1xday: Ambien-10mg @bdtm: Cipro-500mg
    1xday/2wks, 200mg1xday/4wks.

    I see her again in 2wks. and we will evaluate the treatment
    especially we will monitor the Cipro.

    Haven't felt this good for 5-6 yrs> Fluke? Meds? have slept
    through the night for 5 days, and have less pain, fatigue,
    brainfog. I still have the dyslexia, which makes it hard
    to type, and I have vision problems, but we will see how things go>PTL! 1maqt
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    I'd say it's the meds! They are allowing you to get a good night's sleep and as a result you are feeling better during the day also. I hope it continues!