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    I contacted Red Cross on Monday because I came up with a wonderful idea to help raise a little money for the Tsunami. Last week I sat with hubby and kids on Winter break and we were all devistated about the Tsunami. We STILL are affected by it. I wanted and felt the need to do "something" and for days it haunted me.
    I came up wiht a wonderful idea and talked to the kids about it. We decided that we will be purchasing these little angel pin kits and putting them together to sell to raise for the Red Cross. The kids loved the idea and I felt like it would give us all the feeling of being able to contribute even if in a very small way. Red Cross called me back and they were very excited about my idea. All I have to do is register now and then I will make posters and flyers and bring the pins every where I go. The kids want to sell them too and help make them as well.

    Im asking for prayers to help make this happen. Ive been very sick this week from the Fibro and extremely down and out because theres nothing that can really be done about my health lately and I have been feeling hopeless. Maybe once I start this project (and its veyr easy to make these pins) maybe itll take my mind off my pain and my ill health and help me feel as if I am doing something positive.

    God bless all of you!