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  1. Paracelsus

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    Bruno Groening (1906-1959), was known world-wide for his miraculous healings.

    He taught about the power of faith in overcoming disease.

    He taught that sick people must stop holding onto their illnesses and stop "owning" them.

    "To pay attention to illness is to hold on to it and block the path of divine energy."

    He said that illness is an evil intrusion and not part of our nature as human beings.

    If a person wishes to regain his health he or she must be ready to forego "badness". They must turn their back on what is bad - the illness - and part with it, no longer think about "my asthma, my rheumatism" and so on.

    "Illness does not belong to man."

    Groening's healing method stressed that first the patient must wish for a healing. Then the patient must be mentally detached from the illness and believe in a recovery. Finally, a recovery occurs through divine grace.

    The Friends of Bruno Groening keep his teachings alive today (Groening himself never wrote anything down because he didn't want to start another religion or organized following).

    You may dial up a search on his name on the Internet to find out more.

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    I feel very upset about this post. I have had a couple of friends who "got religion" and flushed all their pills down the toilet. They soon were back on them again.
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  3. kjfms

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    ...just another way of practicing positive thinking and making oneself a well rounded person.

    After some research I found nothing in his teachings suggesting that babies who are ill are bad...good grief that is a stretch.

    The aim of the teachings of Bruno Gröning is to transform a sick person into somebody who is full of the joy of living and free from physical and emotional problems.

    Nothing wrong with a little positive thinking. For more information...just Google.

    After some research I did find that people who belong to this Circle of Friends stay with their own religion they are non sect.

    They do not discourage taking medication, nor do they encourage and they do not promise anything. Sounds like you pretty much make up your own mind which is the way it should be in my opinion.

    I will say one thing...I found it very interesting and will probably do more reading. I have always been a believer in a life force and the power of positive thinking.

    I think everyone should look a little deeper before jumping to conclusions....peace ya'll. :)

    Interesting post.



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  4. Paracelsus

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    Bruno Groening respected the fact that each person has free will and can choose their own path.

    He proclaimed he would never try to force a cure on anyone, because that would be a sin.

    'If someone closes themselves, and is not prepared in themselves to open themselves to the energy which will bring order, then I am in myself not in a position to intrude. All I do is to challenge these people to burst the fetters of the evil that prevent well being and health.'

    His intent was not to blame the "victims" but to challenge them to change their attitudes and thus their whole life.

    He was an amazing man with tremendous love for humanity. His concern was for people's welfare and not his own. He always refused payment for any healing he did.

    The authorities in Germany at the time saw his healing method as a threat and attacked him. Even his friends did not come to his support in his legal battles.

    Betrayed and bitter, and forbidden to heal by the authorities, he finally died in Paris in 1959. The death certificate cause was listed as cancer.

    One of his friends believed that he felt it would be wrong to heal himself, and the bitterness in the end literally burned up his body inside. At least that is how the physician who examined his body described it.
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  5. kjfms

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    ...I for one do not think you post upset anyone. I feel yours was a good post.

    I think someone else might have misread and possibly misinterpreted Paracelsus' post...



  6. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    ....a few questions if you don't mind.

    Do you practice the teaching of Bruno Groening? If you do...have you found that they have helped you in any way?

    How long have you practiced them? Do you believe [as did Bruno Groening] that no illness in incurable?

    I am interested to know you views on this. While I do believe in remission I am just not to sure on the curability of all diseases.

    Have you gone through the healing stream process...if so how painful was it? Do you do the healing stream everyday?

    How are you feeling? Do you have FMS, CFS, or both?

    Sorry for all of the questions but from the little I have read I find it very interesting. I hope you will share some of you personal experiences and not just more quotes.

    I love you name BTW...

    Paracelsus-[sometimes called the "father" of toxicology]was a famous alchemist, physician, astrologer, and general occultist.


  7. starmom

    starmom New Member

    are always interesting. I find positive thinking is always helpful, but htis may be a stretch. I am not sure that "curing" something is always good.

    Personally, I place my faith in God, try to understand the Bible and to live a positive life. The DD is just a challenge I ahve been given.

    I will say that this is much better than the neighbor who wanted me to pray for hte demons to leave my body. She thought this would cure me.

    Sounds like an interesting guy.

  8. mom4three

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    I think that being positive and being around positive people can make people fell good or feel better but to heal? Well I do find that part not so true.

    As far as not being a victim and overcoming that. Well I don't really buy that either, I have been a victim of other things that I overcame and let go off. Funny how that has caught up with me just when I thought I had it out of my life.

    I think if this was a true way of healing then more people would be doing it and everyone would be healed off many things.

    Sometimes it is very hard to be positive with these dd but I try and am not any better but worse.

  9. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Thank you for that. There was something truly miraculous about him; I wish he was still alive I'd go see him in a heartbeat.
    On another note, did you see the pictures? It looked like he had a huge goiter in some of his younger pictures but not some of the ones of him as an older man and yet there was no mention of it in the biography stuff. Weird.
    I believe in being able to heal through faith (in any faith). I just wish I could figure out how to do it myself!

  10. Paracelsus

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    ... about disease and cures are universal and apply to any time or place.

    But please, his teachings are not a religion, though he uses religious terms. They are spiritual.

    So it is important to understand that he was not preaching psychology, psycosomatics, or the power of positve thinking.

    He was not saying it is mind over matter to cure:

    he said it was spirit over mind and matter that cured. God is the only healer.

    I consider myself a Friend of Bruno Groening although I have not practiced the "healing stream" and the rigourous mental discipline it requires for a true healing (but remember he said that if you can not find the strength to do all this he will help you if call out for help-- this even though he has passed from the physcical plane). And no, I don't have CFS/FM/ME, although I have a great deal of sympathy for those who suffering from them.

    Go to his website. Absorb the information. See if it makes any sense.

    For those of you in the despair of chronic illness it could be time and effort well spent. It could even change your life.
  11. mom4three

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    feel that way,
    my 2nd daughter has had 19 surgeries for all she was born with. She is truky amazing and inspiring but she is not healed.

  12. kjfms

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    ...I wanted to thank you for answering my questions honestly.

    I can tell by the tone of this thread the entire thing will be deleted because it has been misconstrued....

    I have been doing some more reading on Bruno Groening...what an interesting man and an interesting life.

    He did not take credit he gave all credit to God and ask people to thank god not him...

    Thank you for introducing Bruno Groening to me I have enjoyed learning about a fascinating person.

    Best of luck to you,


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