Teasel Tea anyone try it?

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  1. victoria

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    I've been seeing it mentioned more and more on different Lyme lists etc as helping ease joint pains, altho some say it may cause some herxes. Apparently S. Buhner's herbal book for Lyme mentions it too, but not sure what he says (can't find my copy).

    Has anyone tried it, or consulted anyone who seems to know what it really does (alleviate or kill?)....?


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    Hi Victoria, my Dr. gave me some teasel last week. He said to start with one drop in water. His daughter has Lyme with co-infections and since using the teasel her co-infections test negative. I haven't started it yet because I am a coward. I tried one drop of cats claw (toa free) and was so sick for several weeks after. I plan to try the teasel soon. If it doesn't work then I will probably go back to the cats claw and suffer it out. Someone here suggested the site Lady Barbara's Garden. she talks about teasel. You can google it. Good Luck, Jess
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    I found Buhner's book...

    he said that it helps ease joint pain in those with Lyme in the NE, that few reported herxes there... but that it appears to kill spirochetes in the upper Midwest, causing herxes...

    I don't know if that helps you with determining what it will do, since you're in Virginia, of course; and it kind of makes us wonder as we live in Georgia, and he doesn't mention what practitioners find with it down here.

    Let me know what happens when you get your courage up... I know, it's hard to take something you know will likely / necessarily cause a herx, but in the long run of course it's necessary.

    Unfortunately just finding something that helps with symptoms will not be enough to get rid of it, unlike with other types of infections...

    good luck,

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