teawah, how was your pain doc visit

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by starstella, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. starstella

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    saw your post from yesterday and i was wondering how you made out.
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    before it goes to page 2.
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  4. teawah

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    I didn't get home until late last night so I never came online. The long drive was enough to wipe me out.

    I have never felt so validated as I do now. This doc was SO GREAT. I bawled through the whole appt. He actually called FM a disease! Mostly the docs call it a syndrome and say that narcotic use is NOT something that should be considerred.

    I am so grateful for this board because if it weren't for you all, I never would have gone to another doc. I have SO lost my faith. Now, after yesterday, I see the possibility of a future.

    He told me that it will be impossible to DEAL with anything until we break the pain cycle. I have been put on Duragesic!!!!!!! I put on the patch last night but didn't notice any difference. This morning when I woke up I immediately noticed that I wasn't as stiff and sore as usual. I actually DO feel some relief. My GOD, some help at last. He will deal with me and guarranteed me that we would do whatever needed to get my pain under control.

    I am SSOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! He even CALLED me this morning to see how I was doing! WOW. I am in shock.

    Thankyou all for your love and support. And Thanks to the two people who answered my post asking for suggestions. You made all the difference for me.
  5. ForeverFlaring

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    I am so happy for you! Although I am too sore to do a happy dance for you, I wiggled my toes in a dance! Happy dancing toes! LOL

    I know how frustrated you have been lately and I am thrilled you found the help you needed. I have an appt with a new doc on Monday, I hope my results are as great as yours!

    (Toes are still dancing by the way)

    Take care,
  6. turtis

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    TEAWAH THIS IS GREAT !!!!!!!! i am so happy for you. i wish all doc were this way!

    God Bless you and your neew doc,

  7. baby-bear

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    So glad you got some relief...Im glad I could help a bit. By the way what mg. is your durgesic patch? Just wondering...and is he just going to put you on this temporary? Since he did not think narcotics are for FMS people...and he put you on the patch....just confused on that one...Pammy
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    Soooo glad your visit went so well!!Keep us informed on how it's going.
  9. JP

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    great to hear your wonderful news.

    Question? Does your doctor believe treatment can eliminate a chronic pain condition, or just the pain related to FM? In my case, the worst chronic pain is from my back injuries. I can hardly imagine my life without pain. I use pain management.

    Thanks...and happy pain reduction days to you...

  10. goingslowlycrazy

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    That is so great TeaWah hunny!
    Isn't it ironic that we usually dread going to see Docs - the very ones who should be our allies in all of this.
    I thank God that you found such a great one - it must make all the difference in the World.
    I pray that your pain continues to decrease with the patch.
    gentle hugs
    Mary x
  11. Mikie

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    I always recommend seeing pain docs. They, more than anyone, know our pain if they treat our illnesses.

    Good for you!

    Love, Mikie